The Importance of a Happy Gut for Physical & Mental Health

There is a lot of talk about the gut and this being an important area to focus on when it comes to physical health and mental health.

I do agree that we should focus on what we are putting in our bodies in order to be healthier. What we eat certainly has an impact on us. Food is the building blocks for the body, we take all the vitamins and minerals from our food to help build our bones, build our muscles, for cell function, brain function, to transport nutrients around the body. The food we eat has an effect on our hormones, our sleep, our stress levels, our moods, our focus, our energy, our skin, hair, nails, it plays a part in every system in the body.

If we are not putting good quality food in our bodies, then how can we expect our bodies to work as they should, how can we expect to feel good and be able to do all the things we want to do day to day. A car cannot run on empty and it will only work when given what it needs either petrol or diesel, try putting a fizzy drink in your car to make it run, it simply won’t as it is not designed to use this liquid as fuel.

We are not designed to live off processed foods, fizzy drinks, alcohol, chemically laden fake foods. They have no nutritional benefit whatsoever and taken in excess can have a detrimental effect on our physical and mental health.

  • We need real food
  • We need to hydrate with water
  • We need lots of fibre rich foods (vegetables/salad/whole grains/legumes/root vegetables)
  • We need quality protein (meat/fish/eggs/offal)
  • We need healthy fats (avocado/olive oil/coconut oil/butter/nuts/seeds)
  • We need these in our daily diet.

The gut brain axis and the importance of your microbiome is a new area that is being investigated and there are some interesting articles out there if you fancy a read to understand this further.

I follow Dr Rangan Chatterjee and listen to his podcasts a lot which are full of interesting information and just firms up what we should already know what is needed for a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Good Nutrition
  2. Movement
  3. Sleep
  4. Stress Management

Do have a read

We should be educated in school on how to look after our health, it is information that people need and the tools to be able to take care of their own health. This in turn will alleviate the strain put on the NHS by illnesses that would not be around if we just took better care of ourselves or understood how to.


Fibre rich foods are a great place to start.

Here is how to eat the rainbow each day, have a chart for you (& the kids) to tick off to make it more fun.

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