Krish – Lifestyle, Nutrition, Activity, Mindset, Sleep – How to break free from the busyness of everyday life

The busyness of everyday life means that we neglect our health and instead focus on work, socialising and so on. In our daily routines we find ourselves too busy to eat healthy foods and too busy to exercise. The problem is that without a balanced lifestyle, the body becomes unhealthy and you become unhappy. Why work late into the evening every day if you are too unhealthy to enjoy the rewards afterwards? What’s the point?

After a long time of neglecting my physical and mental health I decided to make a change and reach out to a Personal Trainer (PT).  After spending some time googling PTs in Cambridge I came across Laura’s website and decided to arrange a consultation meeting. I found her profile unique. Compared to the other PTs advertising online Laura’s profile showed a real story, something I could relate to. Most other PT profiles gave examples of muscular men, no doubt athletic but I found it intimidating and wasn’t the result I was looking for. During the consultation session with Laura it was refreshing to hear about the links between nutrition and health and where I was likely going wrong with my own food intake. Based on my long term goals, Laura’s advice during the consultation and throughout the one-to-one training sessions was to use nutrition to lose weight and exercise to maintain that weight loss and build up strength and flexibility.

I trained with Laura twice a week for 12 weeks and noticed positive changes in my body after 2-3 weeks. After 6 weeks I had lost about 1 stone and 2 inches from my waist and I noticed a reduction in fat around my chest, an area of the body I had always found it hard to keep fat away from. After 12 weeks I had lost nearly 1.5 stones and 3-4 inches from my waist. I can now fit into size 30” trousers. I’m stronger, leaner and have improved stamina. These results surpassed the measurable goals I thought were obtainable when I started the 12 week programme.

Laura’s advice was focussed into two main areas: nutrition and exercise. Although the nutrition advice had measurable results in terms of my body, I also noticed changes elsewhere. By changing the ratio of carbohydrate:veg:protein:fat  I consumed, I wasn’t drowsy after meals and didn’t feel bloated. I could actually feel myself losing weight. I found myself wanting to train because I was full of energy rather than tired. I also enjoyed the act of going to train with Laura during the day, it was a positive disruption to my daily routine. When I had previously tried exercising at the gym I was always sore afterwards, sometimes for a week. Laura introduced me to foam rolling and I can now train harder than I ever have. For me, regular foam rolling enabled my muscles to recover from training 4-5 times faster that without foam rolling. Changes to nutrition, exercising and foam rolling have all enabled me to fall asleep much easier at night. I’ve stopped eating highly processed food. I used to turn to them after a long and hard day at work because they’re cheap and easy. By eliminating them I’m less drowsy, find it easier to sleep and less hungry all the time. My portion size has in fact increased but instead of eating nutritionally bad food I’m eating good food in the correct carbohydrate:veg:protein:fat  ratio. Laura enjoys food as much as me and so it was really enjoyable to discuss new cooking and food ideas during our sessions. I enjoyed learning to cook new recipes from Laura’s large bank of good food recipes. These results were not the kind I was expecting but perhaps have made the biggest difference in helping me to follow a balanced lifestyle.

We all need to break free from the busyness of everyday life, and for me Laura was the enabler for this. I would recommend one-to-one training with Laura for anyone who wants to make the choice to lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle.


Hannah C – 50k & 100k Ultra Training

If you are looking for a fun, very knowledgeable and encouraging personal trainer then get on the phone to Laura and book your first visit! I thoroughly enjoy my weekly sessions with Laura. I always leave feeling like I have worked hard and feel encouraged to keep fit and well through the rest of the week.

At my initial consultation she took the time to listen carefully to what I was looking for, accessed my current fitness level well and adapted all future sessions to fit around me.  I constantly had questions about my training and how it all worked and Laura always knew the answers and gave some really helpful tips on how to improve.

In my first 12 weeks I noticeably got stronger and really started to look at my overall fitness, not just running.  I also started to take much more care with my eating habits and again got some great tips from Laura not only at sessions but also from her Instagram pictures and tutorials.

H.I.L – Confidence, strength, health, fitness, nutrition, shape change and a passion for activity.

In January 2016 I made the decision to look for – and start working with – a personal trainer, I had struggled with my weight and fitness for as long as I can remember and after a particularly rubbish month of December where I was constantly ill and bed ridden, I realized making a significant change would mean getting the help of an expert. Personal health is a funny thing: we’re more than willing to seek the help and advice of professionals in so many areas of our lives yet when it comes to getting in shape there’s a dominant belief that you should – and must – do it on your own. Putting an end to that unconstructive dogma was the best decision I’ve ever made. It sounds preachy and grandiose, a little corny too, but going to see Laura on a weekly basis was an absolute highlight for me these past few months. I’ve lost weight, which is lovely, but more importantly my body has completely and utterly changed, not just in the way I look but in what I can do. Going on hikes with friends or to the beach with my boyfriend doesn’t cause cold sweats of panic any more. I also hadn’t gone shopping in years, but now have bought (and wear!) skin tight colorful dresses to work, I feel more comfortable and more confident, able to let loose and the constant anxiety I was in before about what I was eating, what I was going to wear etc. is slowly receding. I now exercise every day, and have discovered that I am actually an athletic, active person. Had you told me that would be the case a year ago, I would have laughed in your face. Laughed and wept reached for the Nutella.

Laura offers an all around service: daily nutritional guidance along with personalized training sessions, she also listens at length to identify where the problems lie. She is one of the most empathic people I’ve ever met, and made me feel at ease straight away, which is where the difference is, I think. I was able to truly push myself throughout our sessions. Laura manages to inspire hard work without being a bully, which is a rare thing. What I’m most proud of is that I trusted my instinct with her, that I stuck with it and that I discovered that I love to move, and lift weights, and run around and dance and delight in food (guilt-free). Had I still been living in Cambridge, I would never have let go of those glorious one on ones with the inspiring and magical Laura Banks. If you’re thinking of working with a PT, look no further and once you start with Laura, never let her go.


Anthony – Lifestyle and Nutrition overhaul. Now a super social runner.

My lifestyle has changed in a totally positive way with more confidence. I have become more outgoing.

My nutrition has changed in a way where I feel I have more energy and I feel healthier. I don’t feel bloated like before and I am Losing weight.

My relationships have changed where I feel more comfortable with people, especially with family and I find it easier to engage with new people, especially those who I  run with.

My biggest obstacle with becoming healthier has been the change in diet, far more so than exercise. It is still a work in progress but I have changed many things to aid my nutrition, training and new lifestyle.

Those people I most owe my success to are those who have guided me in my training. Laura Banks who helped me to change to a healthier lifestyle and those who I run with on a Monday, Wednesday and the Park run every Saturday.

What is most different about me is my attitude towards life and I have become more open to new things.

I am most proud of how my life has changed for the better but this would not have happened without those who have guided me in the last several months.

I feel most confident in going forward with these positive changes I have made. Confident too in that I won’t return to the bad old days of continuous bad eating and lack of exercise.



Sarah-Anne – Stronger, Faster and Fitter – A change in nutrition and routine to aid sports performance

I had Laura as my personal trainer for 10 weeks. I play netball at a relatively serious level and wanted some help to get my fitness and upper body strength up to the next level so I could improve my performance on the court. Laura was absolutely brilliant. At our introductory session she listened to exactly what it was I wanted to work on and over the ten weeks she tailored everything to make sure it was working on the muscles that I particularly need for netball. It was incredible how much difference just ten weeks with her made to my performance: I am fitter, faster, and stronger playing netball now thanks to her.

Nutritionally, Laura was also a great help. Despite that I’m a fairly fussy eater, we managed to find a food plan that suited me, using the huge amount of information she gives you in the introductory session. She checked what I was eating each week and advised accordingly. She was also always on call so on the days where I had an all-day tournament or matches that made meal-times difficult, she would reply quickly with recommendations on what to eat and when.

Laura was also exceptionally flexible with our training sessions. As a student who also plays sport, my timetable was constantly changing but she still managed to find time to fit me in each week. She also would change the plan for the session accordingly during the times that I had an injury, as well as introducing me to foam-rolling which has now become an essential element to my daily routine in order to keep my muscles in check and keep injuries away.

Essentially, her attentiveness, flexibility, and extensive knowledge were invaluable to me, and I cannot thank her enough for how informed and healthy she has made me!


Desi – Stronger, Fitter, Healthier, with LESS Stress and more ENERGY 

I’ve been working with Laura for 3 months and have seen amazing results in that time. Laura is a truly excellent trainer. She provides a perfect combination of tough workouts and understanding through positive feedback, encouragement and motivation. Best of all she works with the whole person – mentally, physically and emotionally. Because of her efforts and valuable guidance I drastically reduced my stress levels.  I certainly feel stronger and healthier. In addition, my flexibility and energy levels improved.

Laura is a great motivator and is capable of pushing me past my perceived limits to get results. When I jokingly threaten her not to return for the next session, her answer is ‘That’s okay. You can thank me later’.

I also like the relaxing and comfortable atmosphere she creates for every session, her friendly personality and the fact that I am always greeted with a smile. Thank you, Laura for guiding me to the right direction in terms of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes. My breakfast no longer consists of a buttered toast. I can already feel and see the benefits and I am looking forward to our next training block.


Ellie – 11.5 inches lost.  Lifestyle change, nutritional guidance and support –  Signing up with Laura for 5 weeks was the kick-start I really needed to improve my diet, above everything else. I enjoy exercise and play sport regularly so I knew this part of the programme would not be the challenge. I even thought my diet was ok, despite my weakness for sugary snacks. However, I was very wrong!

I fully committed to the detox, cutting out caffeine (down from 4 cups a day) and restocking the cupboards with herbs and spices I’d never heard of. It really wasn’t easy, and for the first week I felt tired all the time but as time went on I felt more energetic and less irritable than I’d felt in a long time. Without the sugar I wasn’t getting highs and lows and instead felt much happier. My skin also noticeably improved. The detox required a lot of organisation, batch cooking at the weekend for weekday meals, but once I got the hang of things it became less of a chore and quite enjoyable.

Laura was fantastic throughout, giving me a weekly update on the exercises we’d done in each session and reviewing my food diary (to tell me if I’d been naughty!). She also went out of her way to provide research on foods so I would understand why they were good for me…dark chocolate was a nice surprise.

Best of all, and in spite of my scales saying I’d only lost a few pounds, the tape measure told me I’d lost 11.5 inches in total! I couldn’t quite believe it. It’s been 4 weeks since I last saw Laura and I am 100% committed to my new diet. Best of all, I know that I can have a night off or not worry when I’m on holiday, and its not the end of the world. Thanks Laura!


Steph – 14 inches lots in 5 weeks – a new outlook on lifestyle, health & nutrition – It was one of those cliché New Year and a New Year me ideas that I had, one that I have tried before and never stuck to. However Laura offers so much more than that, it’s a complete lifestyle change and it is so much more rewarding!

I have taken part in the 5 week training and feel so much better for it. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the consultation but Laura instantly made me feel at ease and made me feel that I could achieve what I wanted in a sensible way. My aim was to lose weight and although I have started to do that I have got so much more out of it too, better sleep, more energy and generally feeling more positive.

Laura has given me all the nutritional advice I could need, with easy guides on the best things to eat and those to try and avoid. She is always there for some advice if you aren’t sure on your food choices and gives you recipe ideas to help kick start your change. I thought the overhaul of my diet would be really hard but actually its so easy when you get to enjoy fresh, tasty home cooked food.

I see Laura once a week and feel so positive every time I come out of the session. The exercises she does with you make you feel like you are actually making a difference to your body. There is always so much positivity in the session and Laura is always there encouraging you to make it through the last few sets (and believe me sometimes I want to crash out on the floor but I never do). Every week she sends me what I have done so I can do these at home and encourages you to add variety into your exercise so you don’t get bored.

Overall this was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I have booked my next 5 sessions and really appreciate the guidance and support that Laura gives. Going forward I hope to continue losing weight but also building up a stronger body. Laura has given me the knowledge I need to make this into a lifestyle instead of a fad diet that I would have undoubtedly given up on by now.


Cindy – 10 weeks training – 15inches melted – new healthy maintainable lifestyle – – I was fast approaching 50 years old and decided I didn’t want to reach this significant birthday unfit and overweight.  I have been on every diet you can think of, and whilst I have had some successes, I was always unable to maintain the weight loss.  A friend recommended Laura Banks so I looked up Laura on the internet and liked what I saw.  I originally signed up for the online healthy eating plan, which offered me a choice of 30 breakfast, lunch and dinner choices with a basic fitness plan.  I was already a gym user and soon saw a weight loss.  However, I had always liked the idea of a personal trainer, but assumed this was only for the rich and famous….how wrong!! Laura is completely affordable and worth every penny.  I signed up for 5 weeks originally but then extended this to 10 weeks.  Laura personalised my exercise regime to my individual needs.  She has a completely different approach to anything I have tried before.  Laura’s approach is holistic; she explains how your body needs to rest, and how stress contributes to weight gain.  Where else could you be told to throw away the scales, and completely rest when on holiday!! The result of my 10 weeks with Laura was 1 stone 5lb weight loss, but more importantly I lost 15” from my measurements, including those difficult areas waist and thighs and completely changed the shape of my body!!

Laura was inspirational; she pushed me hard, but offered encouragement and support throughout.

I now have a completely different approach to food, I am deprived of nothing, and stick to Laura’s 80/20 rule.  More importantly the weight has stayed off.  I have received so many compliments and my confidence has grown so much.

Trust me…this works!!


Dorte – 10 week strength/mobility training and nutritional support to aid half marathon runs.

Laura kicked my butt with a smile on her face and changed my attitude!!

I signed up for Laura’s 5 week programme after I had a personal low after not being able to complete a half marathon. Her easy clean eating programme helped me to kick start my training. I met once a week with her while I was building up my running strength. Laura is amazing she took the time to listen to my requirements, goals and hopes.

Since training with Laura I have successfully completed 2 more half marathons this year and also shaved off a few minutes of my personal 10 km best time. While I was not mainly focusing on losing weight my body shape has still changed and I comfortably fit in my old clothes again.

It’s not a myth you can do it with dedication, motivation and the right support. Laura gave me all the tools I needed as well as the urgently needed kick in the butt to stay focused so that I can enjoy my achievements.

Thanks Laura I am sure I will be training with you again.


Al – 5 week training plan – A new lifestyle, more active, nutritious and healthier.

I found Laura after searching online for personal trainers in my area, and after looking at a couple of alternatives, the competitive rates, sleek website and positive testimonials won me over.

My main aim at the time was to get fit for a marathon I had planned, and I felt the 5 week programme would best suit me. Admittedly, I was a little sceptical prior to starting – everyone seems to promise the world then few actually deliver. I’m happy to say I was proved wrong.

After a period of a couple of weeks of following the nutritional advice I was already noticing the difference. I had more energy and was feeling less lethargic, I even found my craving for sugar left and I no longer felt I needed to have that chocolate bar every so often. Laura was great in both offering advice on what to eat, how to maintain balance in portion sizes and where to shop for those harder to find items, even my cooking has improved as a result of these sessions!

The training was hard work but equally beneficial, tailored specifically to reach my goals working on core strength and stamina. While initially I struggled with some techniques Laura was patient and attentive in her tutoring and I soon found I was able to get a hang of movements that felt more foreign to me. I still keep up with the exercises and feel a much better person for it, and while I was unable to compete in the marathon due to an injury I hope to keep these sessions in mind in training for the next one.

Overall it was a great experience and worth every penny. The lessons Laura taught were invaluable and have changed my perspective on leading a healthier lifestyle – I have no doubt they will stick with me forever.”


Edward5 week training programme to set a healthy, active and nutritious lifestyle

Why did you choose to train with me? For a long time I had been thinking on how to improve my general health and increase my pro-activeness around exercise and how I eat. After looking up local personal trainers in Cambridge, I found Laura’s website and read through other testimonials as well as what she offers in the 5 week programme. So I decided to take the plunge and go for it!

How did you find the consultation? I kind of knew what to expect in terms of questions Laura would be asking me so I found it went well, I answered all the questions so that Laura could get a good idea on how to plan the 5 week programme and how to implement different aspects which would be more fruitful to me in achieving my goals.

How did you find the workouts, what did you learn from them? As I am a regular gym user I knew the exercises implemented into the programme. However of course not having a great technique in accomplishing them at the start was a big worry. However I soon picked up the techniques and I believe I improved technique wise each week. In terms of workout this differed from week to week. One week we went for a 2 mile brisk walk, one week we concentrated on the kettlebells and the different workouts those entailed. The workouts intensified every week – as it should do – but I enjoyed it.

What was your thoughts on nutrition? For me this was the biggest hurdle I needed to overcome as I knew my nutrition was very poor. Laura provided different recipes which would improve this. I learned that my breakfast intake was very poor. Prior to my programme I used to eat cereal or bread for breakfast. So there was no protein. So every week I attempted to improve upon this and having a food diary also helped. So I have to say that I now know a lot more about nutrition and the types of food I need to eat and as important when to eat them.

How did you feel once you started the 5 weeks? At the start it was tough to get the nutrition how Laura and I wanted it to be but gradually it did improve. I always felt good after each work out session. Tired of course but no aches or pains and I saw a gradual improvement in my well being.

What will you take away from our time together? Most definitely the nutrition and what to eat at what times. I learnt the importance of being pro-active when I can and to eat and drink the right foods. I also learnt good techniques on warming up before the work out.

Did you hit your goals? For me the goals are ongoing. I wasn’t just going to stop after 5 weeks. I wanted to improve my lifestyle by being more pro-active in the gym and to introduce healthier foods to my diet and looking at the results from that. So in that sense I did see a change in me from week 1 to week 5. However these goals are ongoing.


Simon – 5 week programme – The importance of fueling with nutritious foods/timing. A varied strength programme acquired and quality sleep. 

Why did you choose to train with me? I liked the look of your website, I found it really inspiring to see your own story as well as all the recommendations from others. You seemed to be really focused on the individual needs as opposed to a generic set objective.
How did you find the consultation? I thought it was great, you were really understanding and sure understood my goal was largely nutrition based and the benefits that would bring as opposed to just training (although that was beneficial too).
How did you find the workouts, what did you learn from them? I really enjoyed the workouts, although they were tough. You were really supportive when i was finding some of them tough and I always looked forward to them. The variety was also good and gave me loads of new stuff to try in the gym including building my confidence with free weights. The foam rolling and stretches were brilliant and have made a real difference to me and how I recover after training. I feel I am really working my whole body in the gym now and am seeing results.
What was your thoughts on the nutrition? The nutrition was what I really wanted to get right and by the simple task of keeping a food diary I was able to tweak what I was eating and importantly know why I was feeling like I was. Your advice on snacks and what to eat when has meant I am feeling less tired and hugely better than I was. The knowledge I have gained will stay with me forever.
What did you lean the most from changing your food? I think it was about why I was feeling tired at work. I knew some of the science before coming to see you but wasn’t sure how to knit it together and change my habits. You broke it down for me and made it all so simple that it no-longer felt daunting.
How did you feel once you started the 5 weeks? I thought that I was going to feel sluggish but that didn’t really happen, I saw the benefits of eating right straight away and lost about half a stone in two weeks just from making the right inputs into my body. I also saw definition in my upper body from the exercise which was great.
What will you take away from our time together? How to eat well and plan what I am putting into my body. It sounds so simple but the importance of planning a weekly meal rather than grabbing something on the go has really made me feel better so I will take that away for sure. Also building in regular exercise into my week, whether in the gym or at home, will be there to stay now I know what I am doing.
Did you hit your goals? Yes, I now know what I am eating and how food makes me feel. Also importantly, although I knew roughly what was good and bad I know now how to get the right mix of the good stuff and when to eat it.
What would you recommend to people thinking about getting healthier? I would say to stop thinking and get on it, Laura will help you so drop her a line today!

Alex – 5 week personal training programme and beyond. Knowledge gained on nutrition and importance of a healthy well balanced lifestyle, with stress management.

When I first left home for University, I struggled with managing my own diet and meals, between balancing my budget, and grabbing quick snacks on the way to the library. Throughout my Undergraduate degree, my exercise levels decreased, and my eating habits grew worse and worse. I tried sports, and a gym membership, in an attempt to stave off weight gain, but found myself dispirited, and a little at a loss regarding how to come up with an effective programme, of physical activity and nutrition.

Realising I needed help, advice and encouragement, I looked around for personal trainers in the Cambridge area, and Laura’s website struck me as particularly good: informative, detailed, to the point, and with a personal touch. I was encouraged by the testimonials I read, and got in contact. A few months later, I can honestly say I’m really glad I did.

Laura tailored her approach to my needs, and was incredibly understanding of the issues I was facing, particularly in terms of stress levels and my eating disorder. She remained patient with my nutritional failings, while steering me on to the right path. The sheer wealth of information she provided, in the form of the extensive detox pack, and supplementary documents became a valuable handbook for life, covering sleep, meals and daily routine. I have found the recipes particularly useful, and enjoyed experimenting with my breakfast smoothies. Our exercise sessions were hard work, but fun, something I could hardly believe at the beginning. Working out previously had been a chore, but Laura made it a challenge, which I could rise to with her assistance, as well as a learning experience. That said, I genuinely could not have made it through our sessions, were I in the hands of someone less encouraging and positive. Laura is a master motivator!

Lifestyle changes, like using a foam roller, and doing yoga stretches have been included in my day to day life, and along with much of what I have learned from Laura over the last couple of months, I think they will be permanent additions to my routine. Neither my relationship with food, nor my commitment to an active lifestyle are perfect, and I still have work to do. Hopefully I can go back for some more sessions with Laura in the coming year, but this programme has set me up well, and provided me with valuable tools for a healthy life.

To anyone considering personal training, and nervous about taking the plunge, do not hesitate to contact Laura; you will not regret it.


Becky – Increase upper body strength and energy for eventing. 8.5 inches lost

I event at a relatively serious level and wanted to improve my overall strength, particularly my upper body strength to be able to be more effective on the cross country course and thus improve my overall performance. The detox plan implemented by Laura really made me aware how much my diet had been reducing my energy. Very quickly it became obvious that by eating regularly when my body needed food and also keeping this food healthy/nutritious that I never ran out of energy and never felt the need to gorge on sugary foods, which gave you a quick burst then dropped you severely. This was particularly useful on day out eventing as it meant my energy levels remained even throughout the whole day and I never felt bloated as I sometimes had done previously. Not only did this impact my life in a major way, it also impacted my whole family, who 3 months on still follow (mostly) the food plan (nutritionally high/natural foods) and say they find it very easy and has made a massive difference to the way they feel. Laura is also extremely motivating in terms of the exercise, making sure you are working within your physical levels but also pushing and constantly encouraging you, I definitely feel my strength improved whilst with Laura, the proof of this was being able to finally hold my horse out on the cross country course! Also, Laura is extremely good at explaining how different exercises work and what you should achieve from them, learning this I have been able to continue my workouts at university and be able to have confidence in what I am doing is correct and effective. The 5 week detox and training with Laura, not only changed the way I view and eat food and my approach to exercise but it has also impacted my whole family (my Dad uses the foam roller every day now, something he’d never heard of before, and says his muscles feel more relaxed than ever, being a hockey player this helps!)


 Barbara Steen – 15 inches lost following a nutritional healthy lifestyle change

I have really enjoyed my sessions with Laura, she is really encouraging, motivating and friendly. She spends time and effort to really make sense of the goals you want to achieve, and what is most important to you. I managed to make some really good changes and my body shape improved considerably, as did my level of fitness, and more importantly enjoyment of exercise.
I’ll be honest I didn’t always find it easy to stick to the nutrition plan, but saw massive benefits from it. I particularly noticed that making changes to what I ate for breakfast set me up much better for the day ahead.
I am definitely planning to take this forward, and will be running a half marathon this weekend (12/10/2014), and looking forward to making good steady progress with what I have learnt from Laura. I also know that she is there if I need further support!

Sharon – Lifestyle, nutritional, health & confidence benefits

I’d been promising myself a PT for a while and then a planned trip to New Zealand later this year to visit friends who are super fit and healthy cemented my reason for doing so.

I looked at quite a few websites online, but Laura’s was the one that attracted me; it was very professional but also very friendly and reassuring at the same time.  I was already on a healthier eating plan but wanted to kick start weight loss and become fitter.

The nutrition side of the plan was hard but the benefits were soon evident; I was sleeping better, feeling less bloated and despite having a couple of ‘wobbles’, with Laura’s encouragement, got things back on track.  I loved the weekly sessions – the exercises seemed quite gentle but boy! you knew you’d worked out at the end of each hour!  For me, having a food record and making definite appointments in my diary for the exercise routines, was a good idea – it really helped me to stick to an achievable and manageable routine and one I plan to continue using because, quite simply, it works!

We’ve just come back from a week’s holiday with friends but, with Laura’s encouraging words ringing in my ears, I still managed to do the exercises from the 5-week sessions as well as a run/walk plan I’d started. The eating side of things was slightly more relaxed on the holiday but I kept as close as I could to the nutritional side that we had discussed because I felt so well and didn’t want to undo all our good work.

I’ve booked another one to one session with Laura and am hoping to do another 5 weeks as well as complete a 5k.  I have much more energy, more room in my clothes and more confidence in how I can and will look going forward.  I actually emailed our friends in NZ and they want us to join them for a 20k mountain bike ride – something I would have never even considered before working with Laura!  So, I have no more excuses, no more justifications for not exercising or eating badly – I’ve even started looking at a training plan for a 10k – how’s that for positive thinking and confidence!

Thank you Laura x


Noreen – 10.5 inches lost and a completely new approach to nutrition and exercise

I chose Laura after I did a search for personal trainers in Cambridge and she looked lovely, fit and healthy and was a good advert for what I wanted to happen to me. I was looking to get a kickstart to look at more healthy eating and to have a break from wine. The programme is straight forward, no fuss and fanfare, however, you do need to get organised at the beginning especially for breakfast. I have now completed the training with Laura and the 30 day detox, but I continue to have the same diet/nutrition as I found that I was never once hungry if you take sugar out of your diet and eat freshly prepared food. I also haven’t gone back on coffee which I found that I really missed at the start.

I love the exercises and the focus on stretching, it is gentle, but effective and I do something every day now. By the end of the programme I had lost approx. 4lbs and 10.5 inches all over. Most of the inch loss was from my thighs and arms, but I know that my bum and stomach have definitely firmed up.

It was worth the money and the effort and is realistic and practical as you can do all the exercises at home, so no more expensive gyms!!


Andrew – 12 inches lost all over, health increased dramatically and the ability to get back to serious cycling 

It was October 2013 that I finally emailed Laura; having been dipping in-and-out of her website for the last month. After 5 years of constantly being un-well I knew I had to look at avenues other than the drugs being prescribed by the doctors. In 2008 I was diagnosed with a condition called Sarcoidosis; basically an over active immune system. The only treatment that seemed to work was steroids which, by lowering the immune systems function, controls the condition but at the same time makes you vulnerable to all sorts of bugs and infections. Plagued by constant illness and, at times, near crippling post viral fatigue issues, it was time for a new approach. Speaking to Laura I felt sure her approach to nutrition and general fitness was worth a go.

The 30 day detox was initially quite daunting. The list of food do’s and do nots was a lot to take in at first and the resulting change in menus took a while to adjust to in a number of ways. Shopping meant taking more time to look at ingredients; preparing and cooking different meals initially took more time just because it was different. All of this does become much easier as you progress and the aims of the detox become better understood. Fortunately I had a few recipe books that had relevant recipes but the information Laura supplied was also ample. I found breakfast to be the most difficult. Laura’s pancake mix was a welcome change from the chia seed based muesli but once I discovered that eating plenty of eggs was okay the whole breakfast thing became a lot easier.

Week one was the most difficult; as was week two! Whilst still getting up to speed with what to eat; the change in diet and the resulting flush of all the bad stuff did leave me feeling tired at times. There was the occasional headache from caffeine withdrawal and also a bit of disruption to sleep. It was hard work and mentally tough at times but I knew something was changing. The detailed food diary Laura asks you to keep was already showing issues with what I was eating, even on the detox. Fruit seemed to be causing fatigue and aches, mainly in my legs which is where the post viral fatigue would get me the worst – interesting.

Week three – I really started to notice significant changes. I’ve always said “I don’t do mornings”, now I was starting to notice that I was more alert first thing. Waking up and getting out of bed was much easier; less of the staggering around bleary eyed for the first hour. Being a keen cyclist who, pre-Laura, had to wait for a good day physically to be able to get out and ride, it was an absolute joy to start feeling good enough for a ride more regularly; riding to work was back on.

I was noticing a drop in my weight. End of week three, I think, I had lost half a stone – very impressed. This was strange as I was probably eating more food than before just good quality and “proper” ingredients. It was becoming more and more apparent that sugar was one of the biggest negative factors in my previous diet.

The exercises I was doing with Laura was also paying off with general fitness too. I never thought something as simple as foam roller exercises could be so painful. Things were really coming together.

Week four – the last of the detox. Really into the swing of things now. Meals were easy and I had no desire to deviate. The menus were far more interesting and tastier than previous. With fitness up, regularly back on the bike, a stone in weight lost; this was becoming something not too short of a miracle. At the end of the week it was time to be measured. A total of twelve inches lost! (Including 2 around the chest and 2.5 around the hips) It was time to dispose of the wardrobe contents – nothing fitted. I was after a change anyway.

So – the end of the detox. Have I felt the need to revert? Not at all; it had already become the norm. The occasional coffee and even a chocolate Hob-Nob; but everything in moderation. It’s been seven weeks since I first meet with Laura and I genuinely feel like a new person. My weight has stabilised at around minus 1.75 stone (10KG). My fitness is up. My energy levels are way up and beyond anything I can remember.  My mood is more upbeat. I have a wardrobe full of new clothes.

Was it worth it? Do you really need to ask?!

Laura had achieved in 30 days what numerous doctors, consultants and specialist have not been able to in 5 years. My wellbeing continues to improve. I do not really know the words to express my gratitude to Laura strongly enough; so I’ll just have to say a big Thank You.


Paul loses 12.5 inches. A healthier, nutritious lifestyle gained 

I have just completed my five week tailor made training regime with Laura. Over the years, my weight has always fluctuated and I wanted to lose some but more importantly, to maintain and control it. I also wanted to improve my general fitness levels for work, as I hadn’t done any form of physical activity since breaking my ankle, whilst playing football a few years ago.

For many years, I was always conscience of what and when I ate, but could never understand where I was going wrong. On seeing Laura at my first consultation, it was clear that sugar was my kryptonite and with her help, she developed a personal training plan in line with keeping an overall healthy, active and well balanced lifestyle.

Laura was very patient, positive and supportive, throughout an enjoyable five weeks. She adapted the sessions each and every time, and was also kind enough to put me in touch with an ankle injury specialist, to help with my flexibility and movement.

I have been very impressed with Laura’s knowledge, guidance, passion and commitment. She is always a phone call or email away and never once, have I felt on my own to just get on with it. In a short space of time, my energy and fitness levels are up, I am more confident with running on the ankle I had broken and have lost a total of 12.5 inches. Words don’t really do any justice, but this is all thanks to Laura and her professionalism. The results have benefited me beyond my expectation and I would not hesitate to recommend Laura to anyone.

Thank you very much Laura.


Stella R Fulbourn 

I completed the five week detox and personal training with Laura this November.

I chose this programme because I have been feeling tired and lacking in energy for a while. At the beginning, Laura asked me to fill in a food diary for a week. Then she analysed the diet with me at the consultation. To my surprise, she commented on my lack of food especially protein and good fats in my diet. She suggested eating more good, clean, fresh food and less sugar containing foods. After following her advice, I felt much more energetic.

She also introduced various exercise to my ability. Previously I have never exercised as I hate it. Now I really enjoy exercising and feel stronger in general. My husband has commented that I looked slimmer too! I would highly recommend the personal training programme with Laura, wish I did it much earlier!


Roslin Russell, Age 41 – 8 inches lost in 5 weeks!

Research Scientist and mother of two children

I have been at a desk job for nearly 20 years now and my weight has ballooned over the years, especially after having two children. My general poor health, current work as a scientist at Cancer Research UK and my own personal experience with close family members being affected by heart disease and Type II diabetes has led me to seriously think about a life-style change. Laura’s knowledge, skill, encouragement and understanding have helped me to gain strength, to lose enough weight and to get my confidence and motivation back: 8 inches in total by the end of the first five weeks! This is exactly the kind of kick-start I needed for a lifestyle change that will put me in the right direction. Work-outs with her are fun and are tailored to my needs. Also, discussing my weekly food diary has been incredibly useful and helps me to manage and think about my diet, nutrition and portion sizes more effectively and creatively when planning future meals.  I am looking forward to the next 5 weeks with Laura and in seeing my mum’s response when she next sees me in a few months – she lives abroad and won’t have seen me for almost a year!


Christiana Bishop – Loss of 12 inches in 5 weeks

At the beginning of the summer I began looking for a personal trainer that would combine exercise and nutrition to help me lead a better and more active lifestyle. I had just completed my first year of university and the example led by my friends revealed the benefits of regular exercise for stress relief and overall well-being.

I really wanted to take the opportunity over the summer to improve my fitness and nutrition so that it would become a natural part of everyday life when I returned to university.

Laura was absolutely fantastic, firstly with nutrition she taught me about making simple changes to my diet that made me feel great and not at all as if I was on a typical ‘diet’. The exercise plan Laura outlined for me was perfect also, slowly building up from the roller mat and squats to a small routine that I could easily do daily.

Laura’s support and encouragement were valuable as it helped me keep on track, so that when I was re-measured at the end of my detox I had lost 12 inches in the first 5 weeks and felt great!


Claire – Knowledge to be healthy, nutritious, happy and active for life – What a learning curve!

I had been trying to lose a few pounds for a while and had tried lots of different ways to do so but was losing motivation and needed help and encouragement to push me further so decided to try a Personal Trainer.

I was very anxious and didn’t know what to expect but I found Laura on the internet and liked what I read so decided to give it a go and I wasn’t disappointed!

I liked the fact that on the website it mentioned that I would have help with a healthy diet as well as exercise.

When I met Laura I was relieved at how friendly she was and after talking to her she understood my issues and needs and worked with me to make positive changes, supporting me throughout and after. All this whilst having fun at the same time.

When I looked at my original food diary I was quite shocked at how bad my eating habits were (writing it down really helps to make you realise and want to actually keep a good diary). I knew I needed to make changes and Laura helped me realise where I was going wrong and how I could change- Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition!!!

Due to medical reasons I struggle with poor energy levels but Laura taught me some easy to follow exercises using the right techniques which are manageable at home.

I gained a lot of knowledge on what exercises I should be doing, what to eat, what not to eat and how important it all is. Just because it says ‘low fat’ on the packaging it doesn’t necessarily mean it is good- No more Weight Watchers meals for me! I was surprised at how much fuller I felt after meals and didn’t miss the bad stuff through the detox.

The exercise wasn’t as hard as I thought and Laura told me I was fairly flexible which has got me interested in going to Yoga classes.

With Laura’s tips and new ideas I plan to continue with the new healthy, nutritious diet (with the odd treat) and start going to my local Cambridge Bootcamp also.

I know with the right diet and exercise I can improve my energy levels and well-being and am determined to stick to it.

I am very grateful for Laura’s help and feedback- it was worth every penny!


David – 13 inches lost in 5 weeks – Nutrition and Health knowledge for life 

Myself and a few friends decided to set ourselves a task of climbing Ben Nevis for a friends 40th birthday. I knew from years of not eating the right food or doing the right exercise I would struggle to climb Snowdonia never mind Ben Nevis. Having tried in the past to get myself back into physical fitness through personal efforts and gym trainers in the past I knew I would fail without some help.

I googled for a personal trainer in the Cambridge area and Laura’s was the first one I stumbled on, the positivity on the website and the testimonials meant I looked no further, a decision I’ve not once regretted.

I started with Laura at the first consultation which she introduce the detox and the simple & fresh ingredients. I had previously struggled to take on a detox and would have expected to struggle again but Laura explained fully the whys and the basis around the nutritional diet and the so called “healthy” products you can buy in the shops, which made total sense. This made it far easier to pick up and run with. While it was a struggle to fit the shopping and the preparation into my already busy week, I persisted through the lows and put more variety into my diet on the weekly encouragement from Laura. Even after the 30 day detox I’m persisting with it and even got my friends interested in the good eating lifestyle. All from Laura’s positivity and clear-cut explanations.

The weekly training sessions were something I looked forward to, I haven’t been keen on doing daily exercises in the past but in each one Laura introduced new routines and was patient enough to explain and let me understand exactly what muscles were being stretched and where you should be feeling it. Each session was achievable and have always come away feeling far more mobile than when I walked in.

The introduction of the foam roller was a boon for me as I seriously neglected stretching in the miles of bicycles rides I’ve done in the past. It’s a painful experience initially, but after 5 weeks I feel far more relaxed than I’ve been in years!

Laura is an inspiration and I could not recommend Laura highly enough. From the nutritional information to the foam roller to the exercises they’ve all been straight-forward, understandable and realistic.

Losing 13 inches overall in 5 weeks was a shock and a pleasant surprise. I can definitely feel the difference and I’m feeling far less bloated now & have far more mobility than I had beforehand. I could not have achieved that without Laura’s encouragement, information, positivity, patience and her unwavering comment “squeeze your bum”!

Climbing Ben Nevis is only 2 months away and no doubt I’ll be using Laura’s experience even more before then.

A thank you does not do justice!


Justine – Online client – 21 day nutritional support – in their words 

1.5 hr consultation, full nutritional information, full online support during the 21 day detox and weekly food diary analysis. (Option of workouts if required)

I’m totally in my element now!! All is flowing well…. Nutrition & exercise working fabulously together!
I can not believe how much better eating clean & healthy has made me feel. My skin, hair & nails are looking lush! My teeth look brighter due to no fizzy drinks or sugary treats!!

No false highs from sugar just natural highs from feeling fab & endorphins racing through my veins after strong workouts!
I will continue to eat clean & healthy, this detox has done exactly what I wanted it to do, to change my eating habits – change my lifestyle to what I was craving!!

I had a treat today a yoghurt!! Everyone at work laughed as my treat was a yoghurt not chocolate!!
I am supping down the water, getting the ladies in the office to get on water more too 🙂
I have told a few people about you I do hope they will come your way!!

My children & fiancé are eating lots better too, I have made changes to their diets without them really noticing, simple changes has made such a difference to all our lives!
A huge thank you Laura!!

I have lost

1 inch from under my bust

2 1/2 inches from natural waist

2 1/2 inches from belly button,

1 1/2 inches hips

1 inch from each thigh

Super impressed with these results!! I will keep at the balance. Thank you so much for all your help.


Adam – inches lost, nutritional information and exercise knowledge gained. 

“Before I started working with Laura I was a caffeine and sugar addict.  Laura asked me to fill in a seven-day food diary, which gave me quite a shock.  I was drinking around 8-10 cups of tea and coffee a day and ate far more chocolate and cakes than I should.

I started Laura’s thirty-day detox and felt much better within a week. The dark circles around my eyes had faded and I was receiving so many positive comments from people  – it was very encouraging and motivating.  I also discovered lots of delicious new foods.

During the thirty days Laura trained me once a week and set me exercises and stretches to do at home.  During this time I lost three inches from my waistline.

Now the detox has finished I have still continued with many of the good habits I picked up and have started to exercise more.

I would recommend Laura to anyone who has slipped into bad eating habits and would like to feel better, have more flexibility and to look better”.

Adam will always have me looking over his shoulder as he is my web design guy (Cambridge Web Solutions) The best their is, he gives me constant support and helps me change my website as my business grows and my requirements change. I love my website as much now as I did when he first set it up nearly 3 years ago!!! I’m top of google search so that has to say something 🙂 Thank you Adam keep up the awesome work with your health, nutrition and fitness.

I have been promised pictures before and after so watch this space!!



Clare – 11 inches lost 

The worst part about turning 40 last year was finding I’d put on half a stone eating up my toddler’s leftovers – and I’d also agreed to a work project which was going to involve lots of time in front of a camera. Whilst I lost the extra half-stone fairly easily, I felt a bit clueless as to how to lose more…. But on the rowing machine at the Spirit gym one evening, I noticed the back of Laura’s sweatshirt which said ‘Laura – bum by Cambridge Bootcamps!’ and the evidence spoke for itself. Looking at Laura’s website when I got home, I liked its overall philosophy, so decided to give the 5-week personal training and detox programme a go. And I’m very glad I did! In terms of results, I’ve exceeded my goal of dropping a dress size (by dropping two!) Since I honestly didn’t feel hungry during the 30-day detox, the experience has been life-changing in equipping me with the knowledge of how to maintain my current weight/size without undermining my genuine love of good food and cooking! Food-wise, Laura was very helpful in preparing for the 30-day elimination detox and I’ve discovered local secrets – like the excellent ‘Daily Bread!’ in King’s Hedges – as well as a variety of healthy and sustaining snacks. Exercise-wise, I thoroughly enjoyed the one-to-one PT sessions which were well-conceived, challenging and rewarding. So I’d happily recommend Laura as a personal trainer!


Selina Dean – 13.5 Inches lost 

I have been training with Laura for 10 weeks in total now and my fitness levels have improved immensely.  When I started seeing Laura I had several injuries following running a half marathon ill prepared.  I was introduced to the foam roller by Laura on our first session and at first was dubious as to how this could improve my fitness.  But after 10 weeks I can run, swim, cycle and use my core strength better than before the half marathon and this could not have been achieved without Laura’s encouragement, foam rolling exercises, and stretching.  Through being able to take these exercises and apply them daily myself at home it has loosened my joints/muscles, in particular my IT Band tightness on my right leg, and over time I managed to overcome my injuries.

The nutritional detox plan Laura makes you follow can be daunting at first if like me you have a liking for wheat and dairy. But overtime I just got used to cutting the wheat out of my diet, and replaced dairy milk with almond milk which was available from all large supermarkets.  No caffeine was a struggle for the first week, but after a while I got used to not having tea in the form I used to drink it.  Now I have green tea mostly and Redbush tea in the evenings.

In total I lost 8 inches all over my body in the first 5 weeks, then another 5 inches in the second 5 weeks.  Occasionally I now have a cup of normal tea with dairy milk and the odd cheat meal when away for the weekend for example, but it just does not satisfy me any more.  Now I am more fond of my stable diet such as eggs and salmon for breakfast, salad or soups for lunch and home made burgers and wedges for evening meal.  It really is simple once you get used to it.  It does not mean living on seeds or lettuce for the rest of life; as so many people have that misconception.

Healthy is very tasty and it also feels good to know you are nourishing the body. I will be completing some more sessions with Laura to build up my strength, continue with changing my body shape and increase the exercise knowledge Laura has already imparted on me.


Clare – 14.5 inches lost, lifestyle and nutritional changes made to achieve goals & maintain them

Before I had my daughter I used to go to the gym a few times a week and eat fairly healthily however all that changed whilst I was on maternity leave.  This was partly to do with having to look after a new baby but also to do with meeting other mums for coffee and cake and not moving much other than taking my daughter for walks in her pushchair.

I thought that returning to work would get me out of my bad habits however I found that I was not sleeping very well, had no energy at work or at home, had no will power to resist the biscuits and chocolates at work and generally felt quite bad about myself.  I also had to buy a whole new set of work clothes that were two sizes larger than previously; this was the final straw that drove me to look for a personal trainer.

I searched for ‘Cambridge personal trainer’ and got lots of hits but Laura’s website stood out from the rest.  I came along for the initial consultation and realised that working with Laura would be exactly what I needed.  I really liked the fact that she has a holistic approach looking at nutrition and lifestyle as well as exercise and fitness.

I came away from the initial consultation determined to put my all into the five weeks and although the nutrition took some pre planning it was all worth it and I managed to lose 14.5 inches all over in that time.  Within a few days of starting, I was sleeping better which meant that I was more effective at work and didn’t feel so tired at home.  A number of people at work commented on how much better I looked, not only in terms of losing inches but generally brighter.  I just said thank you to them but was thinking to myself how bad did I look before?!

Laura obviously tailored the personal training sessions to my needs particularly my terrible posture and rounded shoulders making them very worthwhile and as Laura asked for the food diary to be sent to her it did really motivate me to take that seriously. I enjoyed trying new things and making it as variable as possible.

A few weeks on, I have found it easy to stick to the principles and exercise as the benefits have been so obvious and I don’t want to go back to the way that I felt before.  Laura is really friendly, very encouraging and I have really enjoyed my time working with her.  Thank you Laura!


Natalie Yates – Inspiring must read story – a loss of 22 inches all over. Better lifestyle, an understanding of the right nutrition and exercise knowledge
I always used to be the fat kid at school and as a result have had my fair share of body issues. My weight has fluctuated quite a lot but since having my daughter in 2005 I’ve made a concerted effort to get fit – wanting to set her a good example and instil her with the body confidence I always lacked.

Before meeting Laura my weekly exercise routine consisted of step aerobics, running (once or twice a week) and pilates – culminating in a half marathon in September 2012. Yet despite all this exercise and what I thought were the best of nutritional intentions, I was feeling low in energy and failing to shift any weight from my main problem area – my tummy. A conventional apple shape, I always had skinny arms and legs but a pot-belly – and things were getting worse, not better, which I convinced myself was down to age, a slow metabolism, and genes.

Determined to a) get slimmer for a family holiday to Australia and b) get fitter for the 2013 Cambridge Half Marathon I signed up for a series of training sessions with Laura. Feeling generally confused about food and what to eat when training, I found her via a Kettlebell class in Impington. One look at her website and I was intrigued. Looking at her own ‘before’ and ‘after’ photographs I wanted to know how she’d managed to transform her body
shape from an apple like me into someone with an amazing figure who consistently completes half, full and ultra marathons.

After an initial consultation, Laura put me on a four-week elimination diet and started giving me personal training sessions focused on getting me stronger and leaner. Together we also worked to iron out the niggling aches and pains that my first half marathon had put into sharp focus. The results were rapid and incredibly satisfying.

After four weeks I’d lost 8.5 inches from all over my body; after eight weeks I’d dropped 13.5 inches; and now I’m looking forward to seeing the results after 12 weeks of clean, nutritional eating combined with running and core strength work. The best thing has been the inch loss around my tummy and hips – 4 inches in total so far. I’ve also dropped more than a stone in weight, which is making running far easier and has given me an
excuse to go shopping!!

Laura is a real inspiration. Everything she says makes absolute sense and I am so glad I met her. She is firm when she has to be but incredibly fair and hugely motivational. Training sessions with her are – as you’d expect – hard and you certainly know you’ve had a work out but they whizz by and she makes them fun and engaging. No two sessions are the same and emailing her your food diary once a week keeps you on track. Laura has taught me so much in such a short space of time – mainly that you can’t burn off a bad diet,
which is what I was trying to do before. I can’t recommend her highly enough. If you want to get fit – she’s definitely the person to talk to!
Thanks Laura!!


Jane Horwood – 11 inches in 5 weeks – Better nutritional knowledge, flexibility and the correct guidance. 

Six weeks ago I was feeling exhausted, very stressed and sick of the creeping advance of ‘middle age spread’.  I’ve always thought of myself as a healthy eater but  I knew my downfall was existing on copious amounts of coffee instead of food and feeling so stressed by the evening that I needed a glass of wine to ‘wind down’.  Spending all day at the computer seemed to be sapping my energy and I was waking up feeling more tired than when I’d gone to bed.

Everything came to a head one day and I decided I had to take action. I found Laura’s website and was really inspired. I enrolled immediately for a 30 day detox plan.  The first week without coffee was a nightmare with terrible headaches but I stuck at it. I also had to spend time making sure I had the right food in the cupboards and preparing meals for ME. Moving the radio back into the kitchen really helped keep my mind off the fact that I was not sitting at the computer working. I also needed to get over the ridiculous guilty feelings I had about doing something for me.

The nutrition plan took out wheat and dairy as well as coffee and wine and has made a massive difference to my energy levels. I am eating 3 meals a day for possibly the first time since I was a child. Laura has also given me a range of stretches and exercises which are helping with general flexibility and strength.

I know this is not a quick fix and I cannot undo the bad habits of a lifetime in a month but Laura’s method is making sure that the dietary changes and exercise fit in with my lifestyle. Her focus is very much on sustainability.

I have to say I was proud of myself for sticking rigidly to the food plan but I don’t believe I would have done this without Laura. She was extremely supportive and the weekly sessions acted as great motivation ensuring I had kept a food diary and completed the exercises. She is a wealth of knowledge and was able to help me distinguish between what I thought was healthy eating and what would be better

At the of the 30 days I had lost 11 inches in total and was down to 60 kilos. The dress I had worn to our first meeting which had been tight as a drum was now much loser. This is just the start though. For me, it’s not about losing more weight but about being strong, having more energy and feeling more positive about myself. I cannot thank Laura enough and have already recommended her to several friends. Result!


Sarah Clasby – 12.5 inches lost in five weeks 

I was in my usual position in front of the TV on the world’s most well used sofa when I first ‘googled’ personal trainers in Cambridge and found Laura’s website.  I had come to realise that although I slept for 8 hours a night I was always tired, that I had lost any energy for doing the things I loved, that I hadn’t exercised for years, that food was my comfortable best friend and that I had no idea how to change my lifestyle.  Overall I was a bit….. sad.

Further, I had been asked to be a bridesmaid at my brother’s wedding.

Laura and I met and she explained that there was no quick fix to a healthy lifestyle.   In order to make a lifestyle change sustainable one had to teach our body and minds about our nutritional needs.  That all we need is the knowledge of how to change and a little determination.

Laura suggested an initial consultation to ensure she could offer what I needed to change my lifestyle.  After which she provided me with a 5 week detox elimination plan and an exercise/training regime to suit me.  Of course I was apprehensive about the challenge ahead and concerned I could not achieve this necessary change as part of a working life.  However what at first appeared to be a huge onerous task with information provided by Laura and the support she gave it was easy to fit the changes into my lifestyle.

Laura was in constant communication with me by email and phone over the 5 week period and made it very clear that if I ever needed any advice or help she was there.  I completed a food diary, which Laura checked over with me weekly, she clearly planned our training sessions carefully, and was always encouraging and supportive.  The commitment I put into the five week period was matched by Laura all the way.

I began to notice a change over the 5 weeks, my skin was clear, I had more energy, clothes began to fit better (and then not fit at all – as too big ;)) and I woke up feeling a sense of achievement every day.  But most importantly I had learnt how to eat well and what exercises I could do to make a real difference to my health and body shape.

I was a bridesmaid in October 2012 for my dear brother – I felt good.

I still see Laura weekly and we have adapted the exercises we do to suit my changing needs.  I can now make an educated decision about what I eat.  I rarely sit in front of the TV and have an energetic and full life.  I am excited to be going to my PT session today and to collect my Kettle Bells!!  Thank you Laura and long may it continue.

PS – a word of warning Laura does sometimes lose count and the 15 squat set can turn into 17!! But who cares!


Cate Morgan – loses 10 inches! Feels leaner & stronger -(returns for progression and continued support)

I started out asking Laura to stop my aching limbs, improve my running ( I run gently 3 times a week with a friend) and help me shed a few extra inches (and lbs) still hanging on 7 years post babies. Laura’s clear direction, helpful advice, focus and expertise have done exactly that and more in 5 weeks. I don’t ache every morning, I am running lighter and with more energy, and I have lost 10 inches all over, which is something to be believed. My clothes feel like they fit and don’t pinch, which is a real bonus. In addition, and this is just the best bit for me,  my eczema has totally cleared up. So the mix of diet and change in exercise routine – some new – have made this difference to me. I have asked Laura to train me again in the new year, and I have 12 weeks on my own to consolidate all I have learnt before my next challenge, to become stronger and leaner. I want to say ‘can’t wait’ at this point, but feel honesty is the best policy. This is a commitment, and a change to lots I thought I knew about what and how I eat and exercise. So I will be prepared to learn and work hard.


Ian Mizon – 11 inches lost, a good understanding of healthy, nutritious food & exercise regimes.

I started working with Laura in July 2012. I did want to lose a little weight but my main aim was to tone up, exercise with more control and improve my diet. Laura has proven that her work is not just about weight loss. It involves far more than this. She has helped me change my lifestyle completely. In less than 5 weeks, we made some real changes to my body shape and tone. Combined, we removed 11 inches from my chest, stomach and waistline putting me in a great position to achieve my goals. Laura is also determined, understanding and shows a real passion to help you achieve your goals whatever they may be.

I’ll be spending more time with her this year. I have had a great experience with Laura and her efforts so far this year.


Jen – 14.5 inches lost in 5 weeks and a new nutritious lifestyle with a smart training plan gained.

When I first approached Laura about taking part in her 5 week programme, I was quite nervous as I knew that a big part of it revolved around nutrition. Nutrition has never been a strong point for me and is always something that I’ve struggled with. I could cope with exercise, but I knew that the ED (elimination detox) would be my make or break for success with the programme.

After initially meeting with Laura and talking through all my biomechanical issues, nutrition issues and generally everything in life that could be effecting my overall health, I was excited but still nervous about the whole programme.

Initially the ED diet was difficult for me, which Laura quickly picked up on but she reassured me that after years of eating rubbish it would take a while for everything to settle down and if I stuck with it I would reap the benefits. After the initial week, the ED did get considerably easier and I now even enjoy planning, preparing and cooking healthy and nutritious meals. Laura has taught me to exercise effectively to gain maximum results and it’s really worked.

Seeing Laura at both Cambridge Bootcamps and once a week for one to one has helped me no end and combined with the ED I managed to lose and incredible 14.5 inches all over and I feel fantastic.

Laura is so enthusiastic about nutrition and healthy food that it’s really hard for it not to rub off on you and as a result I’m now a lot more educated about what food I’m eating and I’m feeling a million times better for it. Laura has helped me gain some of the confidence back that I had lost and I know that my end target is now a much easier and attainable target thanks to Laura’s encouragement, knowledge and unwavering support.

Thank You Laura


Lisa loses 7.5 inches and totally revamps her lifestyle nutritionally and physically.

I was so fed up of feeling bloated and not feeling good about myself. My friend had been training with Laura at Cambridge Bootcamps and said she was going to do the 30 day detox to give her a boost. I thought I had nothing to lose so I made an appointment with Laura to talk about doing the detox too. I had to give her a food diary of my previous week and I was really quite ashamed of the food I had been putting into my body. Laura was never judgmental just really enthusiastic to help me. As I have allergies to certain foods she was great at offering advice about foods I could try. I generally found the detox easy to follow, although I did have a couple of slips along the way, Laura never berated me for this, we just made sure I was back on track straight away. Laura was there for me via phone and email whenever I needed her and it felt good to send her the odd photo of my new improved healthy dinners.

I lost 7.5 inches overall, the bloated feeling was gone after the first week and I really began to feel the difference around week 3. I feel stronger and healthier than ever and a lot more in control of what foods I put into my body. I am carrying on with the healthy eating lifestyle Laura has introduced me to and looking forward to what the next 30, 60, 90 days and so on hold for me.

I would never have done this on my own without Laura, she really gave me a lot of motivation and encouragement and when I couldn’t see the benefits in myself she assured me they were there and kept me going.

Thank you Laura, I would not be where I am now without you!


Nicola Foster  – 9.5 inches lost in 5 weeks – New nutritional information embraced to the full and enjoying it!

Initially I was very scared that changing my diet would make me feel deprived and miserable. I also had no idea what to expect about the training sessions. I have always found exercise daunting after bad experiences in PE lessons at school. I found Laura using a web search after seeing my arms in the mirror and not liking what I saw.

I am happily surprised reflecting back on the last month, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The sessions with Laura were really varied and fun. Laura had clearly put in a lot of thought about what we would do.

Following the nutrition plan, was difficult to begin with but after the first week it became easier and easier and I have decided to stick with it from now on. I cooked a lot more than usual  which was great.  I found that after the first week I totally stopped craving sugary treats.

I lost 9.5inches and I’m delighted with the changes. I have been feeling more positive and confident.

I would recommend working  with Laura to everyone, she is extremely helpful, knowledgeable and committed to success.  I’m so pleased that I picked up the phone and made that first phone call.


Linda James – 8 and a half inches in 5 weeks

I’ve always been pretty fit but the weight has slowly increased over the years. In 2011 I had hypnotherapy which helped sort out the issues I had with food. Despite getting a grip on my eating, my weight and body shape stayed the same.

Then ‘wonder woman’ Laura stepped into my life with her ‘clean diet’ and training. I embraced the changes to my diet wholeheartedly and I can’t say I found it difficult. (However, there were the odd occasions when I could have murdered a Pinot Grigio!) Suddenly, lots of my favourites – avocados and nuts- which had always been off limits were on the menu.

Laura’s PT sessions were a real surprise. I thought she was going to kill me like her studio cycling class did. No, it was much more subtle than that but equally deadly! Joking aside, it was great to be doing something different which benefitted my body but was also really effective in changing my roly-poly shape. The added bonus was I could do the exercises at home and didn’t need to set foot in the gym.

Despite breaking my little finger (nothing to do with PT) half way through my 5 sessions and needing pins to hold it together, Laura managed to continue to train me safely such is her knowledge and professionalism. She also had to listen to me moan on about my hand – what a star!

My 8 and a half inch loss plus the weight loss is amazing and I am so grateful to Laura. There is no way that this would have happened without her help, knowledge and support. We are starting another 5 sessions soon and I can’t wait.


Jenny Rouse – 10.5 inches gone in 5 weeks 🙂 I realised I was always feeling tired and very unfit so decided I wanted to change my life and have a healthier lifestyle. I wanted to get my life back on track by eating healthily and get back into a fitness routine that was fun, enjoyable and would also keep me enthused.

I started looking on the internet for a personal trainer as I felt by having help from a professional I would soon be whipped back into shape and back on the right track. I looked at a few when I came across Laura’s web page. I found her to be very inspiring and oozed enthusiasm in what she did while helping others. I also liked how Laura had been through it herself and knew exactly what it was like and had the knowledge and experience to help others.

I contacted Laura and we arranged a meeting to discuss my aims and work out a plan. I was concerned at first due to the fact I work shift work and wasn’t sure if we would be able to do a weekly session. Laura soon put me at ease and we were able to work around my shifts, which was fantastic.

Laura then explained the detox which sounded quite scary as I wasn’t sure what I was going to be able to eat. I am generally quite a fussy eater; however I was provided a pack to read through which explained about the foods we eat and what I was allowed to have. What I liked about it was the fact I could have as much as I liked and I didn’t have to go hungry.

The following week I started my first personal training session with Laura. I was nervous and apprehensive at first as I didn’t quite know what to expect. Laura put me at ease straight away and explained everything step by step while showing me what to do. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and the hour flew by! I couldn’t wait for the next session to arrive the following week. I went away feeling very energetic and wanted to do more!

Each session was completely different and I learnt so much. Laura pushed me more and more each week but did it in a way that was enjoyable and fun. She always gave me encouragement and kept me going.

 I couldn’t believe all the exercise routines that I had learnt I could do at home. I have

been to a gym in the past but I became bored due to the monotonous routine. However with the workouts Laura has taught me I now have a completely varied routine. I enjoy exercise so much more and feel fitter and healthier. After five weeks with Laura I lost a total of 10.5 inches which I am over the moon about and I have also dropped a dress size.

I have decided to book another five weeks personal training sessions with Laura as I have enjoyed it so much. I would recommend Laura to anyone as she is very passionate and enthusiastic about what she does and very supportive. She guides you each step of the way and is always there if you need help or advice.

Thanks Laura!

Bonnie Anderson – 11 inches melted in 5 weeks! After becoming wayward in my eating and fitness habits following some life changes, I knew I needed a really affective way to kick start it all again. I heard about Laura, I checked out her website and saw the results of others and new this was the programme for me. It was only 5 weeks, seemed to have excellent results and the sessions with Laura would give me the guidance and support I needed. And it worked! I’m now back on track, swimming more than ever, learning to run farther than ever and having fun doing it.

Working with Laura has been a breeze. She is very good at being able to match her style with yours taking into account your goals and ambitions. Week by week got harder and more difficult as Laura upped the anti in our training sessions and made sure that I was working out to my maximum. It was also really useful to learn new exercises that I can easily do at home or in the gym. I now feel that I’m on the right track to achieving my goals and also how easy it will be to approach Laura in the future, should I need a bit more of a nudge. Thanks Laura!


Lawrence Batters 

“Hey, Spirit health club have an offer on, you should give it ago” said my wife.

I got the message. After years of truck driving, working for a tow truck company I had piled more than just pounds on. After a Christmas dinner at my in-laws, I felt somewhat full and stood on the scales in the bathroom. At first I thought they were broken “4 stone yippee”, unfortunately not. They had gone all the way around and I weighed 24 stones!!

Lawrence Before

Lawrence Before

So I joined the gym. Another shock was waiting for me. After my consultation with Spirit, they told me I needed to get my doctor to write a letter saying I was “healthy enough” to join. In other words Spirit had concerns over my weight/blood pressure and basically wanted reassurance I wasn’t going to drop dead in the gym from a heart attack. Let me tell you that was enough for me to start making the changes I knew all along I needed to make.

At first I bumbled along going when I could, still not eating correctly really. Then I started looking into one of the guys at Spirit to advise me in a Personal Training type role. Through some experience of Cambridge Personal Trainers I did not want to find one that also loved football. Having a conversation about footy while on a cross trainer, rowing or tread mill isn’t fun. Hey, I’m a man I can’t multi task! With male logic, I asked Laura Banks if she’d take me on (Laura won’t be into football I thought) and guide me if not give me a good old fashioned shove in the right direction. How right I was. Laura does not mind if you do not reply when you’re trying your best not to show the exertion!!

Laura has shown me with dedication, commitment and a healthy lifestyle & nutrition guide, goals can be achieved. Laura designs programmes to suit the individual and their needs. Mine was to shift weight, be around for my children’s children etc. That’s I few years away ….hopefully! My point is if I don’t do something now, I wouldn’t be around to see it. My

Lawrence After

Lawrence After

own personal goal was to enter a sprint triathlon. This I did. I now love “nutritional food” more than I ever have. The virtues of a RAW FOOD are wonderful!! I like to see changes in myself. I’ve probably got more energy than my kids. I’ve gone from a 46 inch waist down to 38inch. Actually it’s in between 36-38. I’ve lost just over 8 stone in weight.  Just about everything is great. I coach kid’s football now, they love it when I get involved in the drill work. Showing a drill is much easier when I don’t have to carry all that weight any more.


I cannot recommend Laura enough for a Cambridge Personal Trainer. From weight loss, nutritional information to just passing on encouraging words when she’s with another client is the mark of a passionate instructor that loves her job. After visiting a physio regarding my tennis elbow, Laura has also set out a fantastic programme. AND IT WORKS….no more pain!

Thank you Banksy, You’re a super star.


Julie Redfern. I was so fed up of waking every morning and still feeling tired, I was in a routine of going to work and then sitting on the sofa all night, every night, so one day I decided to Google personal trainers in the Cambridge area and I came across Laura, her website stood out compared to everyone else’s, she oozed enthusiasm and passion not only for fitness but for healthy eating too, the whole package. I arranged to take part in her studio cycling class and afterwards I spoke to Laura about booking her for PT. In our first meeting we went through my goals and my typical weekly diet, my goals were manageable and I was asked to keep a weekly food diary, one week prior to the detox and then five weeks thereafter. Looking over my first week’s food diary was a shocker, after seven days of my new food plan I felt so much better. But the best part for me was the hour long PT sessions, they were never the same and never boring and always achievable.  In five weeks I lost an amazing 5.5 inches, I could not believe it; I really didn’t expect to lose so much! I am so grateful to Laura for giving me that kick up the backside to start working out again and I will definitely continue to do so!


Edel Murphy. As a child, and right through to my teenage years, I have always been very active. I played many sports, both competitively and for leisure. But as I hit my 20’s, socialising and going clubbing became my main focus, and exercise fell by the wayside. I was drinking every weekend, waking up the next day and attempting to cure my hangover with greasy, fried foods. These habits only got worse when I decided to go travelling for two years. The binge drinking became more frequent, and so the food habits worsened. The effects and damage I was doing to my body started to become quite clear. I had gained weight, there was an extra layer of jiggle around my belly, my legs had lost all shape, cellulite was appearing on  my legs and bum, and quite simply my clothes did not fit. Something had to be done.

I have joined many gyms over the past few years and have had a few personal trainers, none have compared to Laura. I booked in for 5 Personal Training sessions, and the results I have seen and the benefits I have gained have been amazing.

5x Training Session

I tend to get bored very easily when exercising; variety is the spice of life after all! Laura kept me on my toes with a different workout every week, each tailored specifically to my level, and more importantly each more difficult than the week before, ensuring  progression. In between each session, Laura maintained contact with me and made sure that I was including other forms of exercise throughout the week. Other exercises included Laura’s spin class, (tough, but well worth it, again a varied workout, keeping each participant interested and working to their full potential), and a 25min cycle to and from
work. I was beginning to feel more energised and stronger as the weeks went by.

30 Day Detox

The 30 day detox is all part of the 5 week exercise programme. I was quite apprehensive about it to begin with, and I did not think I had enough will power to see it through. However, after Laura talked me through the endless benefits to be gained from the detox, and provided me with many meal options and food alternatives, I had to give it a go. The first week was quite tough, and I was noticing some side effects such as headaches and moodiness, but once they passed I began to reap the benefits! No more mood swings, less
bloated, I was starting to understand my body and its nutritional needs. Laura was there right the way through for support, which was great as I wasn’t always sure about what I could and couldn’t eat, a simple text and Laura would set me straight.


A total loss of 7.5 inches all over!!! My clothes feel loser, which is nice! The benefits stretch a lot further than inch loss; it has resulted in an overall healthier lifestyle. I exercise more frequently, have a healthier diet, and don’t drink as much at the weekends! My attitude towards my diet has completely changed, which is the biggest turnaround. Laura has given me all the tools and information I need to a better way of living. I have now signed up to
Cambridge Bootcamps with Laura, for 6 months, to ensure that I maintain these excellent results, and continue feeling great!

I would recommend Laura to anyone in a heartbeat! Her support throughout has been invaluable, it didn’t matter what time of day, she was always on hand with advice. Her knowledge, experience and passion for her job shine through in her methods of training, and the results she gets. Each session was met with a smile, and a can do attitude. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Laura, and I am delighted to have achieved such amazing results in such a short space of time, I look forward to achieving even more at the Cambridge Bootcamp!!

Thanks Laura!!!


David Thurman. In the 12 months that I have been a client of Laura’s I have not only exceeded my targeted weight loss by losing 2 stone and my targeted muscle weight percentage increase but in applying her expertise in nutritional matters I have become much more knowledgeable  about the factors that cause fluctuations in weight enabling me to quickly take corrective action to maintain target gains. Her combination of physical training expertise and nutritional acumen gives her a unique base from which to help you achieve your target both of weight loss & strengthening.


Glenn Hawkins. In January of 2011 I found myself around seven stone overweight and very unfit. I had been very committed throughout my thirties to avoiding exercise at all costs, to extremely indulgent eating habits and I really started paying the price for this in my forties.  I really struggled to waddle alongside my dog for more than a mile and tying my shoelaces was a real effort. During a weak moment in February I stumbled across a studio cycle class at the Spirit Health club and thought that I’d give it a go.  Laura Banks was leading the class and welcomed her new victim warmly.  Me on a spin bike was not a pretty sight but, surprisingly, I found the experience enjoyable and decided that I’d give it another go as soon as I recovered the use of my legs.  This took a little longer than I expected so Laura suggested that I joined her boxercise class so that she could ensure that I lose the use of my arms also.  Through these classes I not only started to lose weight at a remarkable rate but also met some fantastic new friends. I soon decided to book PT classes with Laura and have continued with this regime since.  Laura has also managed all aspects of my nutrition and I have exchanged beers and curry for a very clean wholefood programme.  The benefits to my health have been remarkable – in under six months I have lost 5 stone, increased my muscle mass to 82%, dramatically reduced my BP from dangerous to very healthy levels and am now running half marathon distances at weekends.  I only expected to lose a few pounds but Laura has guided me every step of the way on a journey where the possibilities seem endless. I will be running the London Marathon next year, have several half marathons booked for this year and have completed a 10k and Spartan obstacle race to date. All of this took a fair degree of commitment but with Laura’s guidance I have enjoyed every moment, however painful, of this
experience so far.

Laura brings a rare combination of knowledge, experience, passion and motivational skills to her training and nutrition programmes. She delivers painful instruction with a smile
and commits fully to her clients achieving their goals.  I am very grateful to Laura for changing my life so much for the better and recommend her without reservation.  If you would like to discuss my experiences with me I would be delighted to hear from you – Laura can put us in touch. ***************************


Simon Hellowell. I have been training with Laura for over a year now, we have surpassed my original goals & have even bigger ones now! I wanted to lose some weight (I lost 2 stone in total) and run a 10k under 1 hr. So 3 half marathons, a Spartan Obstacle challenge & numerous 10k runs (under  55mins) completed; I am now in training for the London Marathon 2012! I am still amazed at how training with Laura has changed my lifestyle for the better all round. I am a very social person and having the exercise & good nutrition in my life has not made it a struggle to still do what I want to do. I enjoy running with Glenn & Laura, the social side of it is what I like the most. It is fun to get together and head out for a 6 – 10 mile run at the weekends. I exercise 3 x a week now with a long run at the weekend. We have various half marathons, obstacle races and challenges lined up for the next few months now and I cannot wait. Personal Training with Laura is fun, challenging and rewarding. She always has a different workout devised for me each week that targets my cardio, core and strength. We always have targets in mind and she never lets me slip. Training with Laura is more then just a 1 hour session it is total support and knowledge as and when you need itSimon Hellowell 20








Michael Allen (72) I have now worked out with Laura over several years and can honestly say that my general fitness is very much a result of the care with which she has managed my training regime. She sets achievable goals and makes sure that I reach them without any of the usual short cuts that bodies take under stress!

What I especially appreciate is the care with which she plans each session and the way that she concentrates on keeping my body flexible and responsive.

The sessions are always enjoyable (if sometimes exhausting) and it’s always good to look forward to the more testing routines, as I do now that we are moving into work with the Kettle Bells. Once again Laura is extremely careful to ensure that the new sets are introduced methodically and that physical safety is paramount.

Laura is interested in the wellbeing of the whole person and I have benefited from her interest in my  diet and general health, though I have to say she never preaches, nor expects anyone to become a diet fanatic or some kind of social recluse. (It is all healthy, nutritional eating – the good ole 80/20)

I can thoroughly recommend her programmes without any hesitation.