How to become a runner or How to improve your running ???

As you may be aware running is my thing. I got in to running about 5 years ago thanks to my house mate who at the time was training for a half marathon. I just started going out with her on her training runs and my passion for it grew from there.

What do I love about running, the freedom of being able to do it anywhere anytime, it gives me some me time, allows me time to think, time to plan and time for head space. Why do you run or why do you want to run?

I have also found running can be very social as well, through training my Cambridge personal training clients to achieve their goals I have found that a few of my Cambridge personal training clients have become running buddies. For the social aspect you can also join running clubs, attend park runs, attend hashes, (all free) all these things can improve your social life and grow your group of friends.

I have completed many runs through the years and have loved everyone of them (I say that now!!). Here are some I have completed: –

  • The Wall Ultra Run 69 mile 2 day from Carlisle Castle to Newcastle 2012
  • The London Marathon 2012
  • Run to the beat,Cambridge, St Neots, Grunty,Peterborough,Norwich, Silverstone, Help for Heroes Bassingbourn half marathons (some more then once)
  • Many 10k races – Bonfire burn, Histon, Cottenham, Willingham, London
  • Spartan 5k/10k/20k obstacle courses
  • Mucky Races 10k obstacle course
  • Zest 10k obstacle course
  • Mens Health Survival of the Fittest 10k obstacle course
  • The Cambridge Race for life 5k every year
  • Cambridge Chariots of Fire relay run
  • Olympic Stadium Relay Run for the Olympic Gold Challenge (I ran on the same track as Usain Bolt, not quite as fast though……………………nearly!!)

You are reading this as you are or want to become a runner and you want some advice and help on how to start or how to improve.

I have trained many people to run and help those that already are runners improve. You need to be mindful of your nutrition and entire body if you want to run well, be strong, lean and prevent injury. You need to stretch, foam roll, gradually build up your mileage, complete interval sprint running, complete interval cross training (HIIT), complete strength training and most importantly adapt your nutrition to fuel your body the correct way.

The above list of training needed may sound a lot and over whelming but when you know how, like I do, you can have all this tied up in a very short period of time. 5 weeks to get you heading in the right direction and then depending on your goals and progression maybe more. 5 weeks will get you started or get you improvement depending on what you are looking for.

Now you can just don a pair of trainers and head out, but if you want to make significant changes, improve your strength, posture, become lean and learn how to become a runner safely then I would look to do one to one personal training to get you started.

  • If you want to start running and want to know how to do this safely and effectively
  • If you are running and want to improve your speed
  • If you want to increase your mileage
  • If you want a training plan
  • If you are suffering running related injuries

Then please do contact me. I will be your best step forward in your quest to be a better runner or become one.

There is so much more to running if you wish to do it safely and well. If you want to increase mileage you need to know how to do this without causing injury.

I know how, I am experienced in running, I have lived and breathed it for so long now.

Come enjoy the fun, achievement and freedom running brings you

YourCambridgepersonal Trainer

Running – Nutrition – Posture – flexibility – HIIT – Strength

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