Radically change your body in just 4 weeks

Want to know how to change your body in just 4 weeks……… then here is what to do…...

  1. Starve yourself. Have 2 x disgusting, nutrient poor, sugar high, chemical high shakes a day and then a bowl of salad for tea everyday…… Nothing else, water if you’re lucky.
  2. Exercise like you’ve never exercised before. All the movement and no food for energy, great idea.
  3. Yes you will more than likely lose some inches as your body is starved of vital nutrients it needs, you will feel like shit but who cares, the weight is coming off.
  4. Crash and burn as you are expecting your body to do more with less energy and vital macro and micronutrients in order to move, think, sleep, do normal everyday human things.
  5. Watch all the weight and more creep back on as you binge to your heart’s content and have no control over it.
  6. Feel even worse than when you started before.
  7. Learn nothing from the experience and probably fall in to another hyped up crappy way of shifting weight in the short term.

A bit extreme I know but at the same time any quick fix is detrimental to your health if you do not understand exactly what is going on. This cannot be maintained for good and will end in disaster somewhere along the line.

Here is a nicer option I think: – 

How to start to change shape in 4 weeks and looking beyond to a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

  1. Educate yourself on what true nutrition is, you do not need to learn all of this just seek the support of a trainer who does know, like me.
  2. Have well balanced meals that fuel your unique lifestyle – no 2 people are the same so why should your food intake and nutrient needs be the same.
  3. Understand your body and it’s triggers as to why you are unable to sustain change and what routine habits might need adapting in order for the positive lifestyle to stay.
  4. Do not rush change, a lean body and a healthy body may take time depending how long it’s been abused.
  5. Do not set short unrealistic goals, go for the long term and have reasonable short term goals. For example – sleep 7 hrs a night, drink more water, have vegetables with every meal, walk for 20 mins each day, have more me time to read/draw/colour – it can be anything.
  6. Move more, any movement is good it does not have to be painful of vigorous. Just walk more, get up from your desk more, get out in to the fresh air more.
  7. Be aware of how tired, bloated, stressed, overwhelmed, inactive you maybe at the start of your journey and how that has positively changed. Use different markers than just weight change – how you feel, your hair, nails, skin, digestion, sleep, how you handle stress. All these are positive markers and should not be ignored.
  8. Focus on health and the weightloss you desire will come. No matter how much I want to encourage health, weightloss really is the main goal for people but do not make that your focus, that will come with time.
  9. Getting your health in check will allow you to then work on any other areas you may need to within in your life, which may be career, relationships, family etc you cannot focus on these things and give it your all if you are not at your optimum.

Health is a journey, it will change as you change and so will your needs. Get back in touch with your body, don’t ignore the aches, pains and discomfort. It is a warning your body is sending you that there is inflammation within and this will only lead to disease. You have the power to stop it, you have to take control of your health and you do not need to do it alone.

I recommend at the very least 12 weeks training with me to set some good routines and habits but for the best chance to stay fit and healthy for life then carry on doing what you did to get you there in the first place. Accountability, support and guidance are a huge factor in the success of a healthy body.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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