Laura Banks Health & Lifestyle Coach

It is Time for a positive CHANGE, you have come this far do not turn back on yourself now!



12 week kick start

to a Healthy  Lifestyle. 

What can you expect: – 

  • Guaranteed shape change and weight loss.
  • A leaner, stronger and more flexible body.
  • Increased muscle strength (not necessarily size) and bone density and better joint movement through our 1-2-1 training sessions.
  • 1-2-1 training sessions which is your time, just for you to feel good and focus on you and your needs.
  • Tasty, nutritious, healthy, easy to make recipes.
  • Meal prep guidance to be able to eat healthy meals all through the day/week.
  • Ways to boost your energy, moods, focus and balance blood sugar levels through the day.
  • The means to reduce bloating and gut discomfort.
  • Foods to boost your gut microbiome and aid digestion.
  • A weekly movement and exercise plan. This may mean increasing steps and just getting outside more.
  • A better sleep routine so you feel ready to get up and go in the morning.
  • Ways to better deal with stress and decrease the impact this has on your mental and physical health.

How to get started

We will complete a consultation call in order to get started on your 12 week Health & Lifestyle Programme. We will go through your current nutrition, sleep pattern, stress levels, exercise, work and home life. From this we will know how to proceed best for you and select the appropriate training level.

We will take progress pictures and measurements to see that we are on track and are moving forward through the 12 weeks together. Progress will also be measured through your training as well as how much better you feel.


You are committing to yourself to pave the way to a healthy lifestyle, to be able to sustain it for the foreseeable future. In the weeks, months, years we work together you will notice some big positive changes in all areas of your health and well being. This is a lifestyle change and one you can adapt to suit you and make it work, for now, forever!!