Personal Training Prices

It is Time for a positive CHANGE, you have come this far do not turn back on yourself now!

personal-training-swiss-ballBefore we commence training I will ask you to complete some questions via email. I need to make sure you are ready to train with me and are willing to commit to your success 100%  I will ask for a 7 DAY FOOD DIARY prior to the consultation so I can view this at the meeting.

I will also send you the nutritional information that you must read and confirm you are happy to adhere to following our training sessions.

Everything you require to succeed in your goals will be provided to you by me.

My promise to you: –

  • Provide you with the full nutritional information and support.
  • Deliver one to one personal training to help with flexibility, movement, strength, posture, technique & stamina.
  • Provide you with workouts to complete at home.
  • Provide support and contact during the 12 week personal training period and beyond.
  • Provide advice, guidance, knowledge and encouragement throughout.
  • Teach you how to maintain your healthy lifestyle for the foreseeable future.
  • Teach you how to manage your nutrition in all situations.
  • Reset hormones, cortisol levels and manage stress/sleep.

The initial Consultation

This can take from 1-1.5hrs to complete. We will meet up and have a discussion about your current lifestyle/work/activities/family/ stresses/injuries/goals etc. Everything will be covered so I know exactly what is required for us to get to your goals. Following the consultation I will provide you with all the information you require to commence with the 12 week one to one training sessions. Whether you choose to proceed or not you will still receive all the information.

We will look at your posture for imbalances, body alignment and complete a biomechanics check. We will also take measurements and pictures for us to work from………. for our eyes only.

Following on from the initial assessment I will forward you all the relevant information you require to complete the nutritional plan, this will commence on our first training session. The nutritional plan asks you to reduce/take out all processed foods (dairy, wheat, sugar, caffeine & alcohol). This is recommended to be done straight away for best results but it can be done week by week depending on each individual client. Every change you make is a positive step to being healthier. We can make it fit to you and what you are comfortable with.

During the 12 week training sessions you are committing to yourself to pave the way to your goals and be able to sustain them for the foreseeable future. In 12 weeks you will notice some big changes, after this it is then your choice as to whether you wish to carry on the weekly sessions or set out alone. This is a lifestyle change and one you can adapt to suit you and make it work, for now, forever!!

Cost for one to one personal training sessions over a 12 week period including the consultation.

Once a week personal training £590

12 weeks is the least recommended time period to make serious positive changes to your health/fitness/shape and learn how to sustain them. I do offer a 6 week package but most clients stay on for at least 2 blocks if not more. I highly recommend the 12 week package. Please do contact me for the 6 week package price.