New Training and Nutrition Programme

I have been away for a while and I have had a think about how I structure training/nutrition/mind-set/support/guidance/lifestyle changes for my clients. I feel there is so much more needed in order to lead a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

This is why in my training programme I want clients to sign up to 3 times a week training in order to make the biggest impact and build a good foundation for healthy living. I found people would find it hard to stay focused and learn enough with only once a week contact. This way you can cover so much more and get the most out of our time together. It is full commitment to your health and yourself, putting you first and investing in your future.

I have outlined what is covered and what we would be doing together for your health, now and forever.



Learning how to move your body effectively takes time. We do not do enough of the foundation work in order to prevent injury, create natural movement and strengthen from within. It is not ok to go straight in to big body movements without working on all the muscles, especially the smaller stabilising muscles which will cause injury if not strengthened alongside the larger muscles. Work on good posture, mobility, flexibility and training across all planes of movement. The more training you do one to one each week the quicker you will build your foundation in order to progress and get the most out of the sessions.



If you only looked at this and nothing else you would have the biggest positive impact on your health. What we put in our mouths makes a massive difference to our health, mental attitude, waistlines and the prevention of disease. We all focus way too much on shape and size when our inside health is so much more important than having a six pack. Understanding gut health and foods that feed us nutritionally are way more important than worrying about calorie counting and restricting. Clean your diet up and you will naturally eat fewer calories and change shape. Debunking the myths around food and understanding carb/fat/protein/macro and micronutrients. All this will be made easy with full support.


Mind-set & Stress Management

Is a massive thing to overcome when it comes to your health and creating good habits. You need a positive mind-set and a willingness to make changes. It is impossible to change your body without changing your habits and routine. This can be the scary and hardest part to overcome but it can be done with the right guidance and help.


Support and Guidance

Having one to one support and teaching means you will gain knowledge and create the body you want safely. You will understand how the body should move, how you should engage your muscles and how to build a strong body. Guidance moving through the weeks will help you in sustaining the changes and understanding the why and how. It will also endure a good relationship with food, your body and the way you see yourself.


Lifestyle changes

Lifestyle changes are very important and this will happen over the weeks/months/years of working together. This must be something you do and maintain in order to make your gains permanent. If you revert back to your old lifestyle then you will gain everything back you have been trying to lose or change.


Over our time togther we cover:

  • Strength training (core/legs/arms/glutes/back/everywhere)
  • Resistance training
  • Mobility and flexibility
  • High intensity interval training
  • Movement
  • Foam rolling
  • How to eat nutritiously and fuel your lifestyle.
  • Recipes and food planning.
  • Understanding of Carbs/Fat/Protein/Macro nutrients/Micro nutrients.
  • Relationships with food and making them happy ones.
  • Mind-set – Yoga/Meditation/Pilates/Breathing/time out.
  • Allowing relaxation time.
  • The importance of rest.
  • Supplementation and why we may need them for gut health, mind health and body.
  • How to make changes to your lifestyle that will be sustainable.
  • How to change unhealthy habits and routines.
  • Understand why you may do things that are detrimental to your health and how to overcome this.


I only take on 7 clients for my lifestyle change programme so I can give my clients all the attention they need. The focus really is on a healthy body and mind. Making sure your overall wellbeing is good and your mind-set is positive.

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