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12 week Health & Lifestyle Programme with 1-2-1 Sessions

  1. Nutrition GuidanceĀ 
    • Lots of delicious, nutrient dense recipes to choose from.
    • Meal prep guidance for the week to keep your nutrition on track.
    • How to eat out and choose wisely to stick to your nutrition goals.
    • Meal size guidance.
    • Guidance on how much protein/fat/carbs you need.
  2. Training & Exercise Plan
    • Personal log in to your own private training plan.
    • 1-2-1 strength & mobility training with me once a week.
    • A weekly plan to get more movement in to your day.
    • Work on imbalances in the body (weak vs tight muscles)
    • Postural correction techniques.
  3. Quality Sleep
    • Setting positive bedtime routines to hit 7hrs sleep a night.
  4. Stress Management
    • Relieving stress on the body by correcting nutrition, activity and sleep.
    • Setting positive habits & routines to reduce stress
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