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I am loving being a self employed personal trainer :) my clients are all amazing and great to work with. It's fantastic getting to work with so many varied characters. None of my days are ever boring or the same. All my clients are getting great results as they are all giving 100%. 2nd month in to self employment and I am so happy and it's all going well. My classes are going great still enjoy teaching boxercise and studio cycling. That could be the great fun people that attend them :) Bootcamp is going really well and I like doing the outdoor training with the ladies. Adds variety to your working week. So all in all I couldn't be happier ;) x knee is all good now to - 2 3mile runs done woohoo x

I now have first hand knowledge as to why it is so very very important to rest if you have an injury!!! I hurt my knee 3 weeks ago now, went and had it looked at and had some treatment but never rested! Hence the fact we are in week 3 and it has not got any better. Rest, rest, rest is so important and I know we use our profession to brush it off but we need to be 100% fit for our clients. Luckily it hasn't stopped me Personal Training or teaching my classes but I have not been able to participate as and where it is needed!! So here it is from me to you

Well my first week out there in the big wide world is nearly over!! I have enjoyed all of my PT sessions this week as I have done all the previous. My guys and girls give a 100% everytime and they put the time in on their own workouts as well as with me and that is why they achieve thier goals we have set out from the start.  We have fun while we exercise, no 2 people are the same, we have great chats and it is great getting to know them all on a personal level. I love the fact that I can do a job that I am so passionate about and that I truley do enjoy, not many people can say that and I am so glad I am one person that can. As for the results my

So this blogging is all very new to me but so are alot of things right now! Just recently became a self employed  personal trainer, been doing the job through a company for a while but now I am stepping out on my own and I am sooooooo looking forward to it! Personal Training is not a job to me its my hobby and I get great pleasure from it. Fitness is fun and exciting you only have to ask my clients. I enjoy the classes I do to - Boxercise and Studio Cycling at Spirit Health Club - Histon. Exciting new adventure planned with the lovely Charlie Wall who runs Cambridge Bootcamps. The all ladies camp is coming to Histon and she asked me to run it, its brilliant. FREE TRIALS available watch this space for more info. Life is pretty exciting right now woooooooooohooooooooooooooo