Laura’s blog

I always get really overwhemed when I participate in the race for life. It is such an amazing day. You could not see Parkers Piece for a sea of pink covered the ground , the atmosphere, the friendlyness, the encouragement was fantastic. I saw a lot of my female Cambridge Personal Training Clients and Cambridge Bootcamp ladies take part, I was so happy to be there and be able to cheer them on over the finish line. It was a special day for me to as 4 generations of my family crossed the finish line together which was  a great feeling - my mum, 2 of my nieces (5yrs & 24yrs old) and my great niece :) Already signed up for 2012. Well done to everyone who took part and helped raise money and awareness for such an important cause.  Histon Feast 6 mile fun run this weekend

Race for life this Sunday, many of my female clients and Bootcamp beauties will be completing the 3 mile run on Sunday 3rd July. Good luck ladies and well done to all completing this race and raising money for a very worthy cause. For some ladies this is there first 3 mile run so enjoy it and be proud of yourself for participating in this great event. We also have the Histon 6 or 3 mile fun run on 9th July which many of my clients will be taking part in. Ladies and gents can run this one and I am looking forward to running it with them all. My clients have come a long way in their fitness journey and I am so pleased to be with them on their first 6 mile run. I have every confidence (as they do to) they will all succeed and

I am the worst blogger in the world - maybe because I havent got a clue when it comes to knowing what I am doing on here - Facebook is my limit!!! Anyway Personal Training is going from strength to strength - I have a lot of amazing clients who are kicking bottom and seeing the results for their hard work and dedication. A lot of my clients are interested in running and I have many of them entered in for the Great Eastern half marathon so I am really looking forward to running that with them all. 1 client in particular has secured himself a place in the Marathon next year - he is on an incredible journey - has already made radical lifestyle changes and is seeing the benefits. Watch this space he will be on my website

Well things are certainly busy for me!! PT is going from strength to strength. I have some amazing clients that are really kicking bottom and getting the results they want due to their 100% commitment. I have new clients that are starting out on their pathway to happiness, being fitter & healthier. I cannot wait to see the end results for these guys :)  Still love everything about my job and I am constantly learning new things and my knowledge database is forever getting bigger and bigger!! Soon I will run out of space in this very small head of mine

Some of my clients will be running the 10k race for life on Sunday 17th Oct at Cambridge and I will be doing it to :) was supposed to do the half marathon @ Peterborough this Sunday with my knee I am having to take it slowly and build up my miles gradually as I do not want to be as bad as I was ever again! I just want to say to the guys and gal that is doing the run I am very proud of you and you are all more then able to do this and I cant wait to run the race with you all :) My clients still manage to get amazing results and keep on impressing me with their fitness ability and healthy life style. So proud of you all :) this is what makes my job sooooooooooooo