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Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh made an amazing raw carrot cake today for my birthday  It tastes like any other carrot cake I have eaten, sorry it tastes better and it has nothing in their which is bad for me or not allowed on a clean nutritional eating plan. Base was made from carrot pulp, walnuts, coconut, dates, raisins, small amount of coconut oil, nutmeg, cinnamon and all spice. The no cream cheese topping was made from cashews, agave nectar, pinch of Himalayan salt, vanilla essence, water and lemon juice. Topped with crushed walnuts and orange peel [gallery columns="4"] Presentation not the best will work on this!! Tried and tested on my Cambridge Personal Training clients that are on the elimination detox nutritional plan – amazing they can have carrot cake and not be sinning in anyway!! This is the future of cake baking without the baking So fantastic and

Wow look at Cambridge Bootcamps in Velvet Magazine with our award – Highly Commended for Diet & Fitness whoop whoop. There is a video of the Velvet awards but you only get to see the back of us – best looking backs ever though………………………………. [gallery columns="4"] Ladies we have one week left of this block, a week off then you can get yourselves signed up for the new block!! Do not hold back as we are already filling up fast for the next block!! New Cambridge Bootcamps Block commences on Monday 19th September 2011 To sign up to our camps go to and click on sign up for the different options. Where our camps are located, days and times: - Histon  Village – M/T/T @ 6.15pm – Histon Recreation Ground Girton  Village – T/W/F @ 6.30am – Girton Recreation Ground Cherry Hinton – M/T/F @ 6.15pm – Cherry

Great to see some ladies from the first trial again and also some new faces. As the Girton Free Trials have gone very well we plan to start this camp up along side the start of our new 4 week block. The new camp will commence Monday 19th September 2011. The days the Girton camp will run are Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday mornings at 6.30am at the Girton Recreation Ground. To Sign up please got to there are different packages when signing up to bootcamp, go to the Sign Up page to see the various options available and the benefits of each one. Should you choose to commit for the longer period the payment is still only taken monthly and you are asked to sign a contract for the period of time you choose. The longer your with us the more you get for your commitment. All Cambridge

Hi all I received my delivery of some ace superfoods. I am well stocked on Maca Powder, Mesquite Powder, Bentonite, MSM, Chia Seeds and a new BPA free filtered water bottle :) The website I bought this from has fantastic information on the superfoods, the benefits of having them and the content of all vitamins and minerals. All the foods I feel will aid me in my everyday lifestyle and help me with performance and recovery. I am sprouting my own beans and seeds to - have a look at the picture of them, only in to day 2 now and they are starting to come along. Think I went wrong emptying the whole packet of beans and seeds

Oh my christ!! Through Co-op stops, random chats, tantrums & mood swings (mostly, no actually all me) we nailed 17 miles today!! So so proud of Simon Hellowell & Glenn Hawkins - come on London 2012 marathon lets be having you!!! The Wall Run 2012 hell yeah we are coming for ya. 65 miles EEEEEEEEEESAAAAAAAAAAY!!! Love life, Love my job, Love running :) All we had was superfoods, all natural energy drinks (made ourselves, no unnatural sugars, sweeteners all good stuff) & dates. Thank you Sainsbury’s for the pit stop ;) Thank you Milton Road Co-op Shop for letting us fill up our water bottles. We were only planning on 13 maybe 15 miles today so we will be more prepared next time. I feel amazing and the boys feel ok to - legs are tired but nothing that a lot of fluids, great superfoods and fresh