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By now you must have realised I am all about the arse ;) I love a butt burner and if you can get some cheeky core movements in with it as well then I am all in. These movements are easy to do at home for a workout on its own or before you do your squats/lunges/deadlifts etc It really fires up the area so it will activate when you do your bigger bodyweight/lifting movements. Most back problems come from a weak core, weak glutes, bad posture, too much sitting down, etc so this can really help. It is not a no pain no gain thing, you should feel the burn in the bum and legs but no pain there or anywhere else. Any pain then stop immediately. No equipment needed, maybe just something under the knees. If you need to reduce the

I hope you've all had a great weekend with movement, quality friends/family time, rest and laughter. Here's a quick blast workout for you to enjoy. Warm up beforehand and then give this a go. It's a Bodyweight workout and doesn't take long to do. Get the heart rate up and burn some energy 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 Get a timer to time how long it takes then you have a marker next time you do it. No skipping rope then you can mimic one. Choose which level burpee works. Just keep moving. The Workout is: 100 skips / 10 burpees 90 skips / 9 burpees 80 skips / 8 burpees 70 skips / 7 burpees 60 skips / 6 burpees 50 skips / 5 burpees 40 skips / 4 burpees 30 skips / 3 burpees 20 skips / 2 burpees 10 skips / 1 burpee FINISHED!!! Too easy,

No equipment needed just you and your body. Maybe something soft for your knees. Different levels for all to try in this all over Bodyweight Workout. Legs ✅ Core ✅ Bum ✅ arms ✅ the whole body ✅ Move your body and have fun with it. Sorry for the missing head 😝😝 Sets 5-6 20 squats - control and go as deep as you can. Weight in your heels, toes pinned and core tight. Squeeze your bum at the top of the move for full extension. 10 plank builders - options for levels on toes or knees. Bum squeezed, core strong, back is flat. 10/10 reverse lunges - go as low as comfortable, balance is key so hold stand next to a walk if needs be to balance. Choose your level. 10 Prisoner Get ups - alternate leg you get up on. 10