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We are all aware we need to think more about our activity as our lifestyles are becoming more and more sedenatray, so how do we make sure we get enough movement each day? Whether you work at home or in an office or are a stay at home parent or all of those things, being indoors sitting for long periods of time is not going to help your physical or menatal health. We have to think about movement now, where as before it would be in our normal everyday lifestyle. How can we move the body more naturally and daily? Wake up and do some gentle stretching and yoga. Walk or cycle to work if possible. Get out for a nice brisk walk each day if you are at home or at lunchtime. If you have to drive then park further away and

Sometimes you feel a little tired 😴 and you just want to move your body gently. We had a really #active #bankholiday and I felt quite #tired today. I thought I’d be full of #energy  but the busy weekend must of taken more out of me than I thought so just some #stretching and #mobility today. Adjust your #nutrition to suit your #energy out put #dothebasics #beconsistant No guilt for not #training today #listentoyourbody Still move it but in a way that boosts you, not that takes more out of you. look after your mind and body in every way Movement Activity Nutrition Quality Sleep Manage your Stress #movement #physicalhealth #mentalhealth #cambridge #balancedlifestyle #health #healthandlifestyleprogramme

More kettlebell fun for me. Love the strength you feel chucking these bad boys around. These moves are great for a full body workout, all the power and strength you would get from lifting weights with an added raised heart rate through the explosive movements. ONLY try this workout if you have been trained by a professional (Personal Trainer) (me) to use them and know the moves.  Sets 4-6 15 Double Kettlebell Swings 15 Double Kettlebell Front Rack Squat 10/10 Kettlebell Windmill  12/12 Double Kettlebell Split Squat 10/10 Kettlebell Snatch Rest 60sec between sets.  Enjoy.

I love working out with Kettlebells, they are so versatile and take up no room if you want equipment for a home workout. If I had to give up all my training equipment and only keep one thing, it would definitely be my Kettlebell(s). Kettlebells are great for a strength workout that really gets your heart rate up. You have resistance which encourages muscle growth, bone growth and cardiovascular strength. Strength training is so important for men and women. Just because you are doing strength training does not mean you will wake up looking like Arnie! It means it will help develop lean muscle and allow you to stay fit and healthy for longer. Having a stronger body protects against muscle waste, injury and weak bones. As we age these things will happen so it is vital you complete resistance training to