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The one thing I have noticed for myself and whilst working with my Cambridge Personal Training clients is that happiness and relaxation is key to being healthy and maintaining positive changes. I think it is important to find out what makes you happy, what you truly enjoy, what your passions are and make sure they are a staple in your weekly/monthly/yearly planning. For me it is being around like minded people who I find interesting to talk to, who challenge me and also who I can have a giggle with. Laughing is so good for us and we should make sure we have a good giggle daily. I also love being outside. I like to be moving, I like to take in the fresh air and at the moment the sunshine. Getting outside as much as you can is needed on a daily

I am so pleased to hear from one of my clients who has moved away to Yorkshire. Now, with my online training programme we can reconnect and keep her amazing transformation going. We had to look at all aspects of Caty's lifestyle in order for her to be healthy. She did it though and made some BIG changes and I am so very proud of her. Caty - Massive lifestyle changes to aid health. You're back! As I live in Yorkshire I won't be able to do one to one training, though I would love a few top up sessions if I am back in your neck of the woods! I'm sure my squatting and dead lift posture has migrated somewhat. The online training programme sounds perfect, tell me more. Anyway, guess what? Joined two bike clubs, up to 30 miles at 13mph average now and

It is Time for a positive CHANGE, you have come this far do not turn back on yourself now! My online Nutrition & Training Programme with or without 1-2-1 Personal Training offers different levels of support depending on your availability and your budget. I have different tiered programmes that will help you succeed in your positive lifestyle change. What I offer with my Online Nutrition & Training Programming. My promise to you. I will provide you with: -  A training and nutrition programme bespoke to you and your needs. Video calls to discuss the programme and keep you on track. Access to a private membership site that I am active on daily with helpful hints, tips, and information. Full nutritional information and make it easy to understand and follow. An array of delicious healthy recipes to choose from. Weekly training programmes that you can do

Personalised Online Nutrition and Training Programme I want to be able to offer my services out to people who are unable to meet with me on a one to one basis and this is why I have created my Personalised online Nutrition and Training Programme. What does this entail: • Video calls with me for a more personalised service. We will be able to discuss all the necessaries so you know you are on the right path. • Nutritional information for you to follow, debunking all the myths and just giving you the facts. • Guidance on how to lead a healthy nutritious lifestyle. • Delicious recipes to choose from so you know you are eating all the right things. • Meal planning and organising your week to make eating nutritious foods easy. • Questions answered online daily. • Supplementation Guidance. • Guidance to help your healthy lifestyle stick & dealing with

The importance of understanding nutrition What do we mean by understanding nutrition????? Do we need to understand food labels? Do we need to know what goes in the food we buy off the shelves in the supermarket?? Well I believe if you buy whole foods and only eat real food that we were meant to eat then you don’t have to worry about food labels. If you only buy foods that are in their natural form then there is no need to understand what the labels mean. If you buy meat from the butcher it is exactly what you see, the same with buying fish, vegetables, fruit, grains, root vegetables…….. These things are what you see no hidden nasties. My advice, rather than worrying about deciphering food labels is to eat foods that do not need them. If you look at a label