Are you over training?

Rest day yesterday, a bit of R&R shopping with my Mummy. These days are so much more rewarding and important than killing yourself #training

What’s life if you don’t spend it with the people you love ❤️ the most.

#restdays are super important as is managing your training so you don’t over do it. #overtraining leads to #fatigue, reduced #muscle, inability to get a #leanbody, no #gains, only #weightgain, #hormones out of whack, #increased #appetite, inability to control portion sizes, constant hunger and feeling rubbish.

The whole point of #exercise #nutrition #health is to FEEL great, we shouldn’t be focused on aesthetics it’s about wanting to jump out of bed in the morning, glowing from the inside out and having endless energy ??????????????

If you don’t feel like this then maybe you need to reassess your routine and habits. I’m very aware of this for myself and try to keep a good balance but I can see if it’s tipping to far one way.

Exercise doesn’t have to mean training, walking, cycling, gardening, dancing, playing with the kids doing things that are good for your body and are natural movements, that counts as well.

#innerpeace #happiness #contentment #loveyourbodies #personaltrainer #holistichealth #lifestylecoach #cambridge

#5krun #becauseiwantedto not because I felt I had to.

What makes the perfect diet? Good Nutrition

I am constantly asked what’s the best ‘diet’ to follow in order to be well and have an active, healthy long life.

Well there is no one kind of ‘diet’ that fits all. We are in need of good nutrition which means fresh, nutrient dense, real food.

So what does this mean for us as individuals. I don’t like the word ‘diet’ let’s focus on:

  • A healthy lifestyle which includes positively adapting your food, activity levels, stress and sleep.
  • Hydrate with plenty of water which can be flavoured with slices of cucumber, lemon, orange, any fruit, mint, herbs etc Herbal teas are great, try to limit yourself to 1-2 teas/coffee a day.
  • Eggs in the morning are a great way to start your day and keep you fuller for longer. It lowers your sugar intake as cereals will put you over your daily sugar intake petty much straight away. Oats with a teaspoon of honey and berries. It’s much better then processed cereals.
  • Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and salad. 50% of your plate – 2 fist fulls.
  • Eat fresh quality meats – chicken, turkey, lamb, beef, pork etc 30-40% of plate – palm to a palm and a half size = 150g-200g.
  • Eat fish. White fish and oily fish for your omega 3-6. You can get frozen or fresh. Same amount as meat.
  • Mind your sauces, make your own rather than ready made. Carton tomatoes, pasata, coconut milk, herbs, spices, tamari sauce, vinegars, local honey, himilayan/rock/sea salt, olive oil, coconut oil. Have these in your cupboard to make just about any sauce.
  • If you are ok with dairy then have real 100% Greek yogurt full fat (no low fat, Greek yogurt style or flavoured) great for good gut bacteria. Feta, goats, buffalo mozzarella, sheep cheese.
  • Swap your bread/pasta for sweet potatoes, courgette spaghetti, cauliflower rice, beans/lentils, quinoa, bulger wheat, pearl barley, potato, rice, rice noodles 10-20% of your plate – a fist full at most.

If you eat and drink more of the above then this will push out the foods/drinks which we need less of.

Looking at adding things rather than taking things away will help make lifestyle changes more positive and manageable.

My next blog will look at bitesize changes to help the transition feel more sustainable.


Are you getting enough sleep??

Lack of sleep will cause weight gain and ill health.

I can’t stress enough how important sleep is for your overall health. Stress effects sleep so maybe I shouldn’t stress it to you ?? lack of sleep will upset hormone balance, increase your desire for sugary/processed food, reduce focus, create poor choices, cause weight gain, make you moody, foggy headed and all round crap company.

So make sure you get 7hrs+ ????? every night.

Struggle to sleep…….
*reduce caffeine – definitely stop having it after 1pm.

*reduce/remove alcohol, make sure you are not drinking every night to wind down. This will effect your sleep quality.

*reduce sugar intake especially before bed.

*try to eat 3hrs before heading to bed.

*manage stress levels and make sure you can switch off mentally from work/thoughts/worries. Try meditation/yoga.

*get away from electronics at least 1hr before bed, remove phones, laptops from the bedroom.

*read before bed to unwind (have sex), have a nice soak in the bath ?? with Epsom salts.

Try all the above and see how well you sleep and how much better you feel.


Check out Michael Mosley on BBC Iplayer  about sleep.

Before and after pictures. Know your self worth

What’s your views on before and after pictures??

Personally I dislike them. Are we saying you were a lesser being, you were worth less in the before picture because you were a few inches bigger….? You have to be thinner to be a better person? To be happy, contented, successful?

Speaking from experience I have been bigger and smaller and bigger again. I felt fat even when I was at my thinnest. I wasn’t any happier being slim, a bit more self absorbed, selfish, controlling, uptight, stressy, thoughtless, totally obsessed with exercise and food. I over trained, under ate and still disliked what I saw in the mirror. I managed to get myself in a bad relationship with food which I am still working on.

I put on weight when I couldn’t run anymore, I still tried to train everyday putting my body through more stress than it could take, I was constantly hungry no matter how much I ate only this time I wasn’t burning it off. I was just stacking it on and putting on a lot of muscle through lifting too much. The more I trained the bigger I got because the more I ate.

My hormones were shot, my energy, moods and body completely done in. I became mentally and physically weak.

I am not at my smallest now, my tummy isn’t flat, my before picture would show me looking thinner in a bikini than my picture would now but should I feel bad about that? I’m stronger now than I’ve ever been and happier. Should I feel worthless, unsuccessful, a failure because on the outside there’s a little bit more of me…… are we only worth what our outer shell shows?

Hell no, mentally I am in a better place, my relationship with food is getting better, I have a lot less ‘I hate my body days’ I can still run and enjoy it, I am physically stronger, I am more flexible, I have a better mindset, my hormones are levelling out, my energy is up there, I have rest days, I enjoy life without the constant restrictions and worry. I am better and I will keep getting better as I am working on me.

Surrounding myself with good people and seeking help that I need, don’t be afraid to say ‘hey I can’t do it all, I need help’

So do I think before and after pictures tell the true story? Ummm no. You have no idea of the mental journey people are on and just because you maybe thinner it doesn’t make you happier or healthier. It’s not always sustainable.

There is a much bigger picture than what you get from a (more than likely staged) before and after picture.

There is no before and after there is just life. You are on a journey, things will not stay the same you will change and so will your shape.

Embrace it.

Your body loves to move, your body loves real food, your body loves challenges, as does your mind, it loves self care and kind thoughts, it loves to be rested and it loves to be appreciated. Be kind to you always.

NEW TESTIMONIAL – Training for ultra run and nutritional advice

I know I say this about all my clients but I absolutely love training with Hannah and seeing her progress. Hannah’s strength, endurance, mobility and nutritional knowledge has come on leaps and bounds. I know she will smash the 50k and 100k ultra she has signed up to this year. With the right advice, support and coaching you can achieve anything you want……..injury free 🙂 Hannah has awesome determination and focus, a huge well done to her progress so far. Here is one proud trainer.

Testimonial from my Cambridge Personal Training Client Hannah – 50k & 100k Ultra Training

If you are looking for a fun, very knowledgeable and encouraging personal trainer then get on the phone to Laura and book your first visit! I thoroughly enjoy my weekly sessions with Laura. I always leave feeling like I have worked hard and feel encouraged to keep fit and well through the rest of the week.

At my initial consultation she took the time to listen carefully to what I was looking for, accessed my current fitness level well and adapted all future sessions to fit around me.  I constantly had questions about my training and how it all worked and Laura always knew the answers and gave some really helpful tips on how to improve.

In my first 12 weeks I noticeably got stronger and really started to look at my overall fitness, not just running.  I also started to take much more care with my eating habits and again got some great tips from Laura not only at sessions but also from her Instagram pictures and tutorials.