Is your work allowing you to look after your health?

Is your work allowing you to look after your health? 

By this I mean do you have the flexibility to take time to look after your own health? Are you running around at work and at home without checking in with your own needs? It is very important to look after yourself in order to be able to keep up with your demanding lifestyle.

I would always recommend trying to lessen the load and maybe delegate or ask for help if that is possible, I am aware this is not always the case so having things in place to support you, can make things a little more manageable.

If you’re feeling quite tired, foggy minded, unable to concentrate, struggle to get up or get to sleep, feel sluggish bloated and all round rubbish then maybe you need to heed the warning signs and do something about it.

With a busy work/life schedule thinking about yourself and what you need may seem difficult but it is of the utmost importance if you wish to carry on as you are without it ending in complete burn out.

  • SLEEP – look at your sleep pattern, are you getting to bed at a sensible time and sleeping soundly. This would be an area to address first. Try to switch off from electronics an hour at least before bed and eat your last meal a good 2 hours before bed. Try to write down anything you are thinking about to get it out of your head so you do not need to think about that whilst in bed, this should hopefully keep you from waking in the night. Some gentle stretching, deep breathing and slow breathing can calm you for sleep. A slow deep breath in and a slow deep breath out for 5 minutes.
  • WORK – are you able to delegate some of your tasks to others? Can you manage your time better so you can get work completed as soon as possible, should anything else come up you are ahead of yourself. Keep from checking emails straight away if that is possible, do what work you planned to do then address your emails. Do not check your work emails at home at the end of the day, set a time to switch off from work and stick to it. Are you able to speak with your Manager in order to make your work life flexible to fit with you? We can only hope that companies value their employees and try to put things in place to make the work/life balance easier. Would you be better working for a company that does?
  • HAVE A PLAN – When it comes to a busy week make sure you have a plan put together at the weekend so you can hit the ground running the following week. Shop accordingly from your meal plan that you have made so you know what you are eating all week and have the food there ready to cook fresh, wholesome meals. Most healthy weekday meals can be ready in 30 minutes max, some even in 15 minutes. You can do a shop online and get it delivered, there are meal delivery services out there to make life easier, there is no excuse not to be able to eat well with all the help there is to make it more convenient. Cooking is therapeutic and stress reducing, giving you time to digest the day. Make time to prepare nutritious food over hitting the gym.
  • NUTRITION – Start your day right with a nutrient dense breakfast. There are many ideas online (on my blog, within my Health & Lifestyle Programme) for quick and easy nutritional meals. It is so important you fuel your body and your brain for a busy day. An awesome start to the day could be 2-3 boiled eggs and 1/2 an avocado, hardly any prep – quick and easy. You can prep a lot of breakfasts the night before if the morning is busy. If you can tolerate dairy then natural or greek yogurt with berries (fresh or frozen) and seeds is super quick and easy. Once your sleep is better you may find it easier to get up and make time for breakfast, even if you take it to the office and have it there. If your job is sedentary which most of ours are then a protein rich, good fats lunch with vegetables or salad would be perfect to keep on fuelling you and stop the afternoon slump. Either take leftovers from the night before or make a salad. You’ll be amazed at the instant benefit you will get. Your evening meal should be cooked from scratch – a stir fry is super quick, easy, tasty and can be taken for the next day.
  • EXERCISE – There is a lot of talk over what is best for people when it comes to exercise. For some people gentle stress reducing movements/breathing techniques are more beneficial than beating yourself at the gym.  If you’re already frazzled out and exhausted a heavy workout will only make you feel worse. With my clients I assess how they are feeling and we train accordingly. I do strength training with clients to boost their energy not deplete it, if on the day they are showing signs of mental fatigue then I will structure it to suit them, nothing is set in stone, it’s changeable like our lifestyles. If you are unable to listen to your body and do what is best for it then have a trainer take care of you and structure your training to work with how you are feeling on that day. The best way to supplement your day is to get outside in the fresh air and walk, get up more from your desk, try to add as much natural movement as possible that reduces stress not increases it. Take your lunch hour, (you will have prep’d and taken in lunch) you can enjoy the outdoors and not worry about getting food.

Small changes will make a big difference. I recommend working on each of these one at a time and you will find you naturally flow through the others. It is important for you own health to be able to support your working life and home life to make sure you put your needs at the top of your to do list.

If you can relate to this blog and feel at a bit of a loss as to where to start then please do get in contact and we can select the appropriate Health and Lifestyle Programme to suit you and get you on your way to a healthy lifestyle.

Most of my clients come to me feeling tired and lacking in energy, they want to gain their get up and go back. All the other benefits follow very quickly.

  1. You will lose weight (which is generally why people want to work on their health)
  2. You will sleep better.
  3. You will have more energy.
  4. You will reduce bloating.
  5. You will remove the brain fog.
  6. You will have better skin, hair, nails.
  7. You will manage stress better.
  8. You will reduce mood swings. (It’s not just the ladies, men you have them to)
  9. You will remove afternoon slumps.
  10. You will understand what your body needs in order to work properly.

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