Is Social Media bad for our Physical & Mental Health

I read the link regarding the ways Social Media is negative for you Mental Health and I do have to agree.

It really does have an impact on self esteem. Most things we see on social media are not real life. We think that our lives should constantly be fun, we should always be happy and look amazing. People only put the good things online, use filter for pictures and are mostly totally fake. Do not try to keep up with everyone. The best thing to do is turn off all notifications for social media and better still, delete the apps and don’t bother with them. Use Whatsapp to keep in contact with people or better still actually meet up. Phones are meant to be addictive so if getting rid of the apps feels scary then you definitely need to reduce your phone time.

You can also choose wisely when following people on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. Follow people that only offer positivity into your life and are benefiting your day not draining your mood. Avoid all those that are all about aesthetics, it has such a negative impact on our mental health. Just delete them.

Surely we only use social media because we are bored or lonely?? Being on them does not alleviate that, we could do so many others things that reduce loneliness and benefit our wellbeing.

  • Get outside for a walk.
  • Meet with friends / family.
  • Join an exercise class.
  • Take up a new hobby.
  • Colour
  • Read a good book.
  • Play some music and dance like nobody’s watching.
  • There are positive apps like Calm and Headspace to help with mindfulness and stress.

The best thing is to be around people but really be available and 100% in the moment 

We really need to work on real relationships rather than the one with your phone or social media.

It is sad to see people at tables together not even talking as they are on their phones, people checking their phones whilst someone is in mind conversation, having the phone on the table…… (all really pisses me off). The art of conversation is suffering and we are not really available or listening……..

Be in the moment when you are with friends of family, listen to what people are saying, ask questions, be interested, when you talk to people have a 2 way conversation, listen and respond. You should both be talking not one talking and the other being drained.

Connecting with others is so good for our mental health, chatting, laughing, conversing.

Nothing sucks more than being around people but feeling unheard, it leads to feelings or more loneliness and frustration.

We all have to look out for each other, naturally we want to be in packs so build a good one

There are certainly positive benefits to phones and social media but when it is replacing real human contact then it does become a problem.
  • Have at least a whole day phone free (sundays).
  • Limit your phone time.
  • Restrict your phone use. Do not use it before 9am or after 5pm?
  • Have family mealtimes with no phones
  • Buy a phone that is just a phone….. old school Nokia 😉
  • Do not have your phone in the bedroom or use at night especially 2 hours before bed at least.

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