I feel like a fraud

The reason why I came out of the fitness industry was because I felt like a bit of a fraud. I am not your stereotypical Personal Trainer with rippling muscles who lives in the gym……….. I felt guilty for being over indulgent at times and not having a flat tummy…….. I thought I was trying to advocate something I was not.

But then I realised that I did not want to be like every other personal trainer out there, I do not want to showcase a rippling muscular body and do not want to live in the gym. I want to be fit, healthy and have curves in all the right places. I want to show everyday people they can be fit and healthy without it taking over their lives and ruining their fun.

I have had the super lean body in my 20’s which came with an eating disorder, an overtrained exhausted body and super stressed out mind. I’m still trying to recover from the mental and physical scars that has left me well in to my 30’s.

This is the other thing, I am in my mid 30’s. I will not have the same body I had in my 20’s not unless I want to seriously restrict myself and train like a nutter. I have been there, I am done with that, it is not mentally healthy nor is it physically healthy.

I will be on the curvier side as

  1. I am a woman I should have curves.
  2. My family are all about the boobs and the booty (on both sides) and that is alright with me.
  3. We love big portions and are all about the food as a family.
  4. I stress eat, happy eat, sad eat, overeat, social eat, boredom eat….. you see where this is going, I am a challenge.

I’ll start worrying when I am unable to walk for miles, run a comfortable 3 or 6 miles, climb mountains or struggle to complete a strength workout. I am strong and I am healthy so why should I feel inferior just because I have a little squidge here and there. I enjoy exercise where before it was a chore or a guilt thing so I have a better relationship now and I listen to my body, I let it rest when it needs to.

I am here to help people who have busy lives and do not want to live in the gym or dedicate hours to working out. People who work with me will want to be healthy by adapting their lifestyles in a positive manner, we are not taking away but adding to their lives. With the right guidance and support through movement/exercise, nutrition, sleep and stress management you can be the best version of you and still enjoy your life.

So no I am not a Personal Trainer more a Lifestyle and Nutrition Coach. I am here to take people on a journey to a healthier them, that staves off illness, has an amazing immune system, lots of energy, moves like the wind, eats delicious home cooked meals, sleeps like a baby and handles stress like a boss.

We are only here on this planet for a very short time and no one ever laid on their deathbed and wished they had spent more time in the gym. Maybe that they had taken better care of their health.

It’s sad we are so about the image and if you do not look a certain way you do not fit in. So I am saying f**k that, be healthy, be happy and be active. We are unique so be different and do it with a smile on your face.

So no I should not say I am a fraud just different, doing it my way, being unique and working with other amazing unique people.


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