I ate the Chocolates

I’m not one for pretending I’m perfect, that my body is a temple and I only ever eat whole foods all the time and indulgent foods would never pass my lips……..

I’ve been the crazed obsessed nut bag that wouldn’t touch anything unless it was “clean food” (whatever that may mean, you washed it maybe…??😝) and it wasn’t pretty. That was mentally and physically damaging. That just created a whole host of food and body hang ups that I still have to manage today and that version of Laura crashed about 6 yrs ago and I still get to pick up the pieces…. yippee…!

I don’t know whether it was #gbbo and all their delicious looking creations on there 🎂🍰 or my hormones going wild as I approached my “special time” in the month. But I had the chocolates… not the whole box (that’s progression right there) just the 7…… you have to try them all 😉 Do you know what’s great about it….. I didn’t binge and purge, I enjoyed the chocolates guilt free, I’m not going to abuse my body today with excessive exercise and I’m not going to restrict myself as punishment. I’m going to enjoy my healthy meals that I’d normally eat each day, I’m going to do my usual cycling to meet friends and I’m not going to over think yesterday. That is done, today is a new day to enjoy and I’m going to be present in the moment.

For me this is major as I’d normally feel so guilty it would send me in to a spiral of despair, which in turn causes me to overeat and make unhealthy choices.

It has been a long journey to get here and I I’m sure there will be more tests moving forward with not so great outcomes but I have grown, changed, developed and built some really positive habits and routines.

The thing with health and fitness is it’s a rollercoaster and you have to enjoy the ride, sure they’ll be ups and downs but the main thing is stay focused on the end goal which is to lead a healthy balanced lifestyle.

No restrictions, no punishment, no obsessive behaviours, no overtraining just peace & balance with yourself.

The mind is a powerful thing and where the biggest battle lies……. so yeah to me, I’m taking this as a victory and a positive step towards having a healthy mind and body 👍🏻🙋🏻‍♀️❤️

You want help on your journey, then get in touch and I can most definitely help you succeed in being the healthiest, happiest version of you.

#physicalhealth #mentalhealth

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