Getting back on it after your holiday

When you go on holiday you are most certainly going to over indulge and let your hair down a lot more than you would do normally. I for one am no exception to this rule. I know I am going to eat a little more than usual, have a few drinks and be a little less active than I would be at home. I would be lying if I said that I did not freak out a little about this fact but I am so much better than I used to be.

I would normally do some training whilst away as mentally it would keep me sane and stop the freak out that would inevitably happen at some point. This time I did not train as I had hurt my back a few weeks before so I was planning to rest completely. Each morning I did get up and do some stretching and Yoga, followed by a lovely refreshing dip in the sea before breakfast. This worked magic.

Most days we would walk to and from different beaches, swim in the gorgeous turquoise sea and in the evening it was a total 5k walk to and from our accommodation in to town, so naturally I got some movement in my day, I couldn’t cope with being totally inactive. I did get through a few books which was super as I do love a good read. It was a relaxing lazy holiday but with daily gentle movement which was perfect.

I did eat more than I would normally do and I did move less than I normally would and it did play a little on my mind but I reasoned with myself that it is only a week and 1-2 weeks back home and back to my usual routine then all would be back to normal. It is such a waste of energy and an unnecessary thought process when on holiday, you want to be able to fully enjoy yourself and the less you worry about what you are eating the less you are likely to over indulge or make poor choices.

I did unfortunately catch a cold on the way out on the plane, so I was feeling a little sorry for myself whilst away. It was the best environment to be in if you weren’t 100%. We were in Turkey and the food over there was delicious, fresh, full of vegetables, salad, fresh meat, we ate amazingly healthy meals. We did sample the baklava, sticky ice cream and fresh bread………. it would be rude not to……….. Turkish red wine is very tasty, a few cheeky glasses of an evening never hurt anyone.

I guess what I am trying to say is enjoy your holiday and do not stress over having the odd indulgences. Relax and switch off, the lack of stress, extra sleep and rest that you are having is so super good for your mind and body that it is not worth worrying about eating outside the norm, it will not undo all your hard work you have been doing at home.

Have your holiday, make sure you feel better for having the break than worse. If your holiday consists of binge drinking, partying all night and eating nasty fast/cheap food then I would recommend reviewing your idea of a holiday. Holidays are meant to be a time to reboot, recharge, switch off and spend quality time with loved ones.

My plan of action for this week to get myself back on track: 

  1. Eat 3 x well balanced meals a day with lots of vegetables/salad, some protein meat/fish/eggs and a little good fats or root veg/grains/legumes depending on activity levels.
  2. Reduce my portions after holiday to give my digestion a break.
  3. Eat earlier in the evening to reduce digestion in sleep so my body can rest and repair.
  4. Drink plenty of water to keep well hydrated.
  5. Add lots of natural movement to my day (standing desk/ironing board/walking/cycling/housework).
  6. Include stretching and yoga daily (I enjoyed this on holiday and want to keep it up).
  7. Train 3-4 times a week (No overtraining, movement everyday, exercise to add to energy not deplete it)
  8. Make sure I get outdoors daily either for a walk or cycle, even though it’s autumn and the temperature is down, I can add the layers and move faster, we need fresh air and natural light.
  9. Get my bedtime routine back. You tend to get up later and go to bed later on holiday but that is easily rectified. Bed by 10pm latest with a good read, no devices after 8pm, epsom salt baths are back now the temperature has dropped woohoo. 7 hrs + each night of zzzzzzzz’s.
  10. DO NOT WORRY – have another focus that does not revolve around, food, exercise, size, shape……… This one is in progress for me right now.

Have a fan tabby dosy Tuesday people and if you need help with leading a Healthy Lifestyle you know who to ask. ……….

Me, just incase that was not obvious.

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