Exciting NEW Testimonial – Lifestyle, Nutrition, Mindset and Activity changes.

I’ll let my fantastic client tell you how he found training with me, my advice, guidance and support to be of help to his lifestyle. No magic tricks here, just your dedication and my knowledge will get you what you want.

How to break free from the busyness of everyday life – PT Client 

The busyness of everyday life means that we neglect our health and instead focus on work, socialising and so on. In our daily routines we find ourselves too busy to eat healthy foods and too busy to exercise. The problem is that without a balanced lifestyle, the body becomes unhealthy and you become unhappy. Why work late into the evening every day if you are too unhealthy to enjoy the rewards afterwards? What’s the point?

After a long time of neglecting my physical and mental health I decided to make a change and reach out to a Personal Trainer (PT).  After spending some time googling PTs in Cambridge I came across Laura’s website and decided to arrange a consultation meeting. I found her profile unique. Compared to the other PTs advertising online Laura’s profile showed a real story, something I could relate to. Most other PT profiles gave examples of muscular men, no doubt athletic but I found it intimidating and wasn’t the result I was looking for. During the consultation session with Laura it was refreshing to hear about the links between nutrition and health and where I was likely going wrong with my own food intake. Based on my long term goals, Laura’s advice during the consultation and throughout the one-to-one training sessions was to use nutrition to lose weight and exercise to maintain that weight loss and build up strength and flexibility.

I trained with Laura twice a week for 12 weeks and noticed positive changes in my body after 2-3 weeks. After 6 weeks I had lost about 1 stone and 2 inches from my waist and I noticed a reduction in fat around my chest, an area of the body I had always found it hard to keep fat away from. After 12 weeks I had lost nearly 1.5 stones and 3-4 inches from my waist. I can now fit into size 30” trousers. I’m stronger, leaner and have improved stamina. These results surpassed the measurable goals I thought were obtainable when I started the 12 week programme.

Laura’s advice was focused into two main areas: nutrition and exercise. Although the nutrition advice had measurable results in terms of my body, I also noticed changes elsewhere. By changing the ratio of carbohydrate:veg:protein:fat  I consumed, I wasn’t drowsy after meals and didn’t feel bloated. I could actually feel myself losing weight. I found myself wanting to train because I was full of energy rather than tired. I also enjoyed the act of going to train with Laura during the day, it was a positive disruption to my daily routine. When I had previously tried exercising at the gym I was always sore afterwards, sometimes for a week. Laura introduced me to foam rolling and I can now train harder than I ever have. For me, regular foam rolling enabled my muscles to recover from training 4-5 times faster that without foam rolling. Changes to nutrition, exercising and foam rolling have all enabled me to fall asleep much easier at night. I’ve stopped eating highly processed food. I used to turn to them after a long and hard day at work because they’re cheap and easy. By eliminating them I’m less drowsy, find it easier to sleep and less hungry all the time. My portion size has in fact increased but instead of eating nutritionally bad food I’m eating good food in the correct carbohydrate:veg:protein:fat  ratio. Laura enjoys food as much as me and so it was really enjoyable to discuss new cooking and food ideas during our sessions. I enjoyed learning to cook new recipes from Laura’s large bank of good food recipes. These results were not the kind I was expecting but perhaps have made the biggest difference in helping me to follow a balanced lifestyle.

We all need to break free from the busyness of everyday life, and for me Laura was the enabler for this. I would recommend one-to-one training with Laura for anyone who wants to make the choice to lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

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