Don’t say the C word……………Christmas

Why wait till after Christmas to get yourself healthy, eating nutritiously, active and in a better shape.

We have at least 6 weeks before the madness that is Christmas kicks in. You can make some positive changes to your eating habits and activity levels that will help see you through the indulgence of the festive period.

If you are unhappy with your health, shape and fitness at present imagine how much worse it will be after the New Year. Small positive changes will get you to your goals and even if you have a few days off you won’t undo all the hard work up to that point.

Sign up now to start my 12 Week Programme that will put you on the right path before Christmas and you will have 6 weeks after Christmas to get back in to the full swing of your new healthy lifestyle.

Treat yourself to an early Christmas present and feel fit and fabulous this festive season and going in to 2018.

What will you get out of the first 12 Week Kick starter training programme

  • Full nutritional support and knowledge plus food diary analysis
  • A full understanding of good nutrition (carbs/fats/protein/macros/micros explained) and how to still enjoy the things you like without ruining your progress.
  • Training programmes to suit your abilities and complete at home.
  • Help on how to maintain your changes and fit them in with your lifestyle.
  • Guidance on how to reduce stress, increase positivity and optimise sleep.
  • Help to increase activity levels through the day.
  • A full understanding of how to lead a healthier lifestyle and maintain it. No faddy diets, no bullshit, no jargon just honest advice.

Having goals keeps us focused and on track, many of our goals and especially our New Years resolutions are focused on weight and health.

Don’t wait, give yourself a head start and do it right. You wouldn’t do your own plumbing or electrics so why would you think you can look after your health without professional support?

I look forward to hearing from you.