We have 6 weeks until the beginning of the party season. I'm offering a 6 week healthy body blitz in order to install some positive habits and routines before the excessive season starts. This will allow you to go in to the party season better prepared, feeling more energised and leaner. The 6 weeks starts from next week, so you must be able to start week commencing 15th October 2018 and be available to train once a week on a 1-2-1 basis for an hour. The 6 weeks must be completed consecutively. Within the 6 weeks you will have: Nutritious easy recipes to follow. A 1 hour 1-2-1 Training session each week (6 sessions in total). Access to home workouts to complete at home. All the information in order to eat a nutrient rich diet, to add movement and activity daily, to increase your

I like to share my workouts with you so you know I’m doing my bit. I love training with weights. Single sided work is so important to work on imbalances and even out the strength on both sides of the body. Warm up fully with my mobility warm up video. Sets 5 Reps 10/10 Step ups Kettlebell snatch  This works strength, balance, coordination, power & cardiovascular.  Only try this if you’ve been taught to do these moves by a professional trainer.