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No equipment needed just you and your body. Maybe something soft for your knees. Different levels for all to try in this all over Bodyweight Workout. Legs ✅ Core ✅ Bum ✅ arms ✅ the whole body ✅ Move your body and have fun with it. Sorry for the missing head 😝😝 Sets 5-6 20 squats - control and go as deep as you can. Weight in your heels, toes pinned and core tight. Squeeze your bum at the top of the move for full extension. 10 plank builders - options for levels on toes or knees. Bum squeezed, core strong, back is flat. 10/10 reverse lunges - go as low as comfortable, balance is key so hold stand next to a walk if needs be to balance. Choose your level. 10 Prisoner Get ups - alternate leg you get up on. 10

As a Health & Lifestyle Coach in the Fitness Industry it seems everyone is uploading videos to connect with potential clients/followers. I know social media is a great way to meet people and be able to introduce yourself and tell people what you do and what you offer. It is a great marketing tool and a great way to reach people all over. I however feel really uncomfortable about getting in front of the camera and talking. Give me a blog and I can type away for days, I love writing and I love connecting to people this way but I know moving forward that video seems to be the way that people are taking things in. Do you like to read blogs or would you rather watch a video? If you were looking for a Health and Lifestyle Coach to