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This blog is about the evils of sugar, artificial sweetners (aspartame) and HFCS High Fructose Corn Syrup! If the information from the attachments does not put you off of your fizzy drinks, cakes, biscuits, all other nasty processed and fast foods then nothing will!! Blog 4 SUGAR - I survived the 69 mile 2 day Ultra Wall Run!! I bet you thought I had not as it has been a while since I blogged. Recovery holiday was needed but I will definitely do an ultra run again it was great fun. One tip though…………………….do lots and lots of training and have a few marathons under your belt. Build up gradually rather then diving in head first! I do think they recommend at least 2 years to train for an ultra run. Now I know why!!! Anyway enough of the run, this blog we

Jen – 14.5 inches lost in 5 weeks and a new nutritious lifestyle with a smart training plan gained – June 2012 When I first approached Laura about taking part in her 5 week programme, I was quite nervous as I knew that a big part of it revolved around nutrition. Nutrition has never been a strong point for me and is always something that I’ve struggled with. I could cope with exercise, but I knew that the ED (elimination detox) would be my make or break for success with the programme. After initially meeting with Laura and talking through all my biomechanical issues, nutrition issues and generally everything in life that could be effecting my overall health, I was excited but still nervous about the whole programme. Initially the ED diet was difficult for me, which Laura quickly picked up on but