well being

A poor lifestyle high in stress, low in nutrition, low in activity & lacking in sleep will create disease in our bodies. It is your responsibility to look after your health. It can be done without giving up everything you enjoy. Health, can you afford to ignore it? Can you look at this picture and take in the beauty of it? The river reflecting the trees within it, the gorgeous willow trees hanging over the river, the people enjoying the punts, remembering when you did it (if you have not punted, can you even live in/near Cambridge). Can you go out and look around you and see, hear, smell everything about your surroundings? Or are you like most

We are all aware we need to think more about our activity as our lifestyles are becoming more and more sedenatray, so how do we make sure we get enough movement each day? Whether you work at home or in an office or are a stay at home parent or all of those things, being indoors sitting for long periods of time is not going to help your physical or menatal health. We have to think about movement now, where as before it would be in our normal everyday lifestyle. How can we move the body more naturally and daily? Wake up and do some gentle stretching and yoga. Walk or cycle to work if possible. Get out for a nice brisk walk each day if you are at home or at lunchtime. If you have to drive then park further away and