well being

I always encourage people to move more and get up from a seated position as much as possible in the day. If you are stuck behind a desk or stuck in a car, then you really have to think about getting movement in your day. I always say to try and walk or cycle to work where you can, get out at lunchtime for some fresh air and a walk, you can also park further away if you must commute by car so you can add a walk before work and after. A lot of people are changing to a standing desk for work which I think is a fantastic idea. When I am on my laptop I tend to stand at the breakfast table or as I have just found out the ironing board is a fantastic standing height for me

We are having some lovely weather at the moment, the sun is shining and we can still get out and about which is great. All too soon the nights will be drawing in and our natural get up and go will probably have got up and gone. Our bodies and energy naturally change with the seasons. The lack of daylight can make it harder to get up in the morning and the darkness through the day can make us more lethargic. There is no time like the present to set a good routine that incorporates nutritious food to boost energy, exercise to encourage your endorphins, a positive sleeping pattern to help your get up and go and stress management to help concentration and a positive mindset. We should all implement a positive healthy lifestyle, starting now and keeping it going through the winter

Is your work allowing you to look after your health?  By this I mean do you have the flexibility to take time to look after your own health? Are you running around at work and at home without checking in with your own needs? It is very important to look after yourself in order to be able to keep up with your demanding lifestyle. I would always recommend trying to lessen the load and maybe delegate or ask for help if that is possible, I am aware this is not always the case so having things in place to support you, can make things a little more manageable. If you're feeling quite tired, foggy minded, unable to concentrate, struggle to get up or get to sleep, feel sluggish bloated and all round rubbish then maybe you need to heed the warning signs and