weight loss

Cheeky Butt Workout We tend to sit on these massive muscles rather than work them. With these easy movements which can be done anywhere you can fire those Glute (butt) muscles up. These bad boys use a lot of energy and are quite large so why wouldn’t we want them to be working. Not only will these moves lift and firm your buttocks it will help with posture, core strength and get better engagement from your compound movements. This is great as a warm up before a workout. Enjoy.   https://youtu.be/y4fN6j2Ysfo

The sun may have taken a break but we can fill the day being stuck indoors. Adults and kids can give this this one a go. Easy to do from the comfort of your living room. A bit of Bodyweight movement. 4-5 rounds of (12-16 min of work) 10 walkouts (with or without press up) 10 squats to the sofa 10 plank builders on knees or toes 8 around the world lunges on each side rest 30-60secs at the end of each round or where needed. Its still quite close so you will get a sweat on. enjoy

Why would you get yourself a Personal Trainer? Why would you want someone to take care of you and your health? Why would you want someone to be there for you when you need help with your nutrition, sleep, stress levels and activity? Why would you want someone you can talk to who will listen to you and help you get your lifestyle balanced for your wellbeing? Why would you want someone planning your weekly activity and training sessions? Well because it will give you the best step forward to being the best version of yourself.  Why waste hours at a gym or worse then that do nothing to help your health. Having someone manage your workouts, your nutrition and give you tips and advice throughout the month's, year's we train together takes the pressure off of you having to think about it. Why put another

If you’re like me you will have been super good all week with your nutrition only to let it all go at the weekend. If we let our guard down completely at the weekend we can end up undoing all the good work we have done in the week. I know we always say about an 80/20 split with healthy eating but what does that actually mean. It doesn’t mean eat well Monday - Friday afternoon and then go nuts Friday evening to Sunday. Here are my top tips to keep your progress moving forward: Stick to a healthy breakfast. High protein with good fats for example - scrambled eggs and salmon or avocado with grilled mushroom & tomatoes. If you’re going out for lunch then make sure your evening meal is light and homemade or vice verser if you’re out for dinner.

Quality over Quantity. I understand in order to get your health and fitness on track and keep it there you need solid support and guidance. You need to know someone has got your best interests at heart and will give you the training and nutrition to suit you. We are not the same, we are all unique and there is not a one size fits all. So when you get training programmes from me and nutritional information from me it is bespoke to you as an individual. All the planning is done from scratch, taking you in to account, your needs, your lifestyle, your goals and your time. It is me who is planning your training, your nutrition, answering your questions, completing your consultation, completing your follow up calls and the one to one training. You are not getting an automated email, an automated