As a Health & Lifestyle Coach in the Fitness Industry it seems everyone is uploading videos to connect with potential clients/followers. I know social media is a great way to meet people and be able to introduce yourself and tell people what you do and what you offer. It is a great marketing tool and a great way to reach people all over. I however feel really uncomfortable about getting in front of the camera and talking. Give me a blog and I can type away for days, I love writing and I love connecting to people this way but I know moving forward that video seems to be the way that people are taking things in. Do you like to read blogs or would you rather watch a video? If you were looking for a Health and Lifestyle Coach to

What does health mean to me? I think this question is very important in the line of work I do. I preach health and I know that is what all my clients are looking for The question is what does being healthy mean and how do we achieve it long term? [gallery ids="8941,8942,8938"] How to be healthy Be active. Your body needs using so move it - walk, cycle, dance, run, skip, jump. do cart wheels, anything that uses your muscles. Eat nutritious food. Feed your brain/body well, food is your fuel, it is where you get your nutrients from, it's what we need to be able to move, think, grow, build our immune, everything. Sleep well. Quality sleep is so important, this will help your mental and physical being. Manage stress. Learn how stress affects you and how you can deal with

Why would you get yourself a Personal Trainer? Why would you want someone to take care of you and your health? Why would you want someone to be there for you when you need help with your nutrition, sleep, stress levels and activity? Why would you want someone you can talk to who will listen to you and help you get your lifestyle balanced for your wellbeing? Why would you want someone planning your weekly activity and training sessions? Well because it will give you the best step forward to being the best version of yourself.  Why waste hours at a gym or worse then that do nothing to help your health. Having someone manage your workouts, your nutrition and give you tips and advice throughout the month's, year's we train together takes the pressure off of you having to think about it. Why put another

If you’re like me you will have been super good all week with your nutrition only to let it all go at the weekend. If we let our guard down completely at the weekend we can end up undoing all the good work we have done in the week. I know we always say about an 80/20 split with healthy eating but what does that actually mean. It doesn’t mean eat well Monday - Friday afternoon and then go nuts Friday evening to Sunday. Here are my top tips to keep your progress moving forward: Stick to a healthy breakfast. High protein with good fats for example - scrambled eggs and salmon or avocado with grilled mushroom & tomatoes. If you’re going out for lunch then make sure your evening meal is light and homemade or vice verser if you’re out for dinner.