clean eating

I am constantly asked what's the best 'diet' to follow in order to be well and have an active, healthy long life. Well there is no one kind of 'diet' that fits all. We are in need of good nutrition which means fresh, nutrient dense, real food. So what does this mean for us as individuals. I don't like the word 'diet' let's focus on: A healthy lifestyle which includes positively adapting your food, activity levels, stress and sleep. Hydrate with plenty of water which can be flavoured with slices of cucumber, lemon, orange, any fruit, mint, herbs etc Herbal teas are great, try to limit yourself to 1-2 teas/coffee a day. Eggs in the morning are a great way to start your day and keep you fuller for longer. It lowers your sugar intake as cereals will put you over your

What's the best way to refuel after a run / workout? Here's a great recipe to try. You have a good amount of carbs, protein and good fats to aid muscle recovery and boost your energy. Chocolate ?  oats Chuck all the ingredients in to a bowl ? 50g of gluten free oats (you can pre soak in water in the bowl ?) 1 scoop of chocolate protein, I recommend Icon whey or Pulsin whey. You can use hemp or pea but you won't get the flavour unless it's chocolate. 1 tsp of any nut ? butter. 1 tsp of cacao powder. 1/2 tsp of maca (opt) 1 tbsp of pumpkin ?  seeds or any other you would prefer. Pinch of Himalayan/rock/sea salt Coconut milk or any other nut milk to get to required consistency. Mix it all up and enjoy

High in taste, good fats, protein and low in carb. Good to have on rest days and if it's a post workout add half a sweet potato or 100g of rice. Beef chilli ?  mince 2 red peppers 1 large courgette 1 large red onion 1 green pepper or red for hot hot hot 600g-750g beef mince 5% 1 tbsp paprika 1 tbsp cumin 1 tbsp coriander add pinch of salt and pepper Serve with fresh coriander and add half an avocado ? if not a post training meal. You're welcome. Enjoy  

This is my usual breakfast protein pancake. High in protein, good fats and low carb. It definitely keeps you full till lunch. You can make the mix the night before if you're short on time, even cook it the night before to take with you. It tastes delicious. Heres how to: This video slows down the recipe for you to see what goes in.