I read the link regarding the ways Social Media is negative for you Mental Health and I do have to agree. It really does have an impact on self esteem. Most things we see on social media are not real life. We think that our lives should constantly be fun, we should always be happy and look amazing. People only put the good things online, use filter for pictures and are mostly totally fake. Do not try to keep up with everyone. The best thing to do is turn off all notifications for social media and better still, delete the apps and don't bother with them. Use Whatsapp to keep in contact with people or better still actually meet up. Phones are meant to be addictive so if getting rid of the apps feels scary then you definitely need to reduce

Be fit & well for now and for 2019 Ok guys I know you do not want to hear it as we have Halloween, Firework Night and lots of other things to enjoy before the festivities begin but it is only 12 weeks today until the eve of that special day. If you are not where you want to be right now before the excessive season starts then how do you plan to work on damage control over the indulgent times ahead? I love this time of year and I want to really enjoy it. I like to set a positive example these few months before the party time begins, so that I can feel good when I'm out for the festive parties, in my little party dress (goes for you guys to in your party suits). I want to go in to December feeling

There is a lot of talk about the gut and this being an important area to focus on when it comes to physical health and mental health. I do agree that we should focus on what we are putting in our bodies in order to be healthier. What we eat certainly has an impact on us. Food is the building blocks for the body, we take all the vitamins and minerals from our food to help build our bones, build our muscles, for cell function, brain function, to transport nutrients around the body. The food we eat has an effect on our hormones, our sleep, our stress levels, our moods, our focus, our energy, our skin, hair, nails, it plays a part in every system in the body. If we are not putting good quality food in our bodies, then how can

When you go on holiday you are most certainly going to over indulge and let your hair down a lot more than you would do normally. I for one am no exception to this rule. I know I am going to eat a little more than usual, have a few drinks and be a little less active than I would be at home. I would be lying if I said that I did not freak out a little about this fact but I am so much better than I used to be. I would normally do some training whilst away as mentally it would keep me sane and stop the freak out that would inevitably happen at some point. This time I did not train as I had hurt my back a few weeks before so I was planning to rest

I always encourage people to move more and get up from a seated position as much as possible in the day. If you are stuck behind a desk or stuck in a car, then you really have to think about getting movement in your day. I always say to try and walk or cycle to work where you can, get out at lunchtime for some fresh air and a walk, you can also park further away if you must commute by car so you can add a walk before work and after. A lot of people are changing to a standing desk for work which I think is a fantastic idea. When I am on my laptop I tend to stand at the breakfast table or as I have just found out the ironing board is a fantastic standing height for me