As a Health & Lifestyle Coach in the Fitness Industry it seems everyone is uploading videos to connect with potential clients/followers. I know social media is a great way to meet people and be able to introduce yourself and tell people what you do and what you offer. It is a great marketing tool and a great way to reach people all over. I however feel really uncomfortable about getting in front of the camera and talking. Give me a blog and I can type away for days, I love writing and I love connecting to people this way but I know moving forward that video seems to be the way that people are taking things in. Do you like to read blogs or would you rather watch a video? If you were looking for a Health and Lifestyle Coach to

The sun may have taken a break but we can fill the day being stuck indoors. Adults and kids can give this this one a go. Easy to do from the comfort of your living room. A bit of Bodyweight movement. 4-5 rounds of (12-16 min of work) 10 walkouts (with or without press up) 10 squats to the sofa 10 plank builders on knees or toes 8 around the world lunges on each side rest 30-60secs at the end of each round or where needed. Its still quite close so you will get a sweat on. enjoy