Birthday workout fail

Gooooooood morning everyone….. Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me…………..

Incase you didn’t know it is my birthday today….. 36 years young, I was planning on a major birthday workout but as normal I have over done it and not listened to my body.

So first movement in ……………squats which is alway a bit of a tricky move for me and my back went…….. Luckily not as bad as normal but standing is a wee bit painful and I won’t be training for a while. I did not warm up properly and my back had been feeling a bit tight lately.

Although I have been having rest days and doing more gentle exercise on my days off, when I train I still go hell for leather and  I still do movements I know can set my back off.

So, I have been pushing it quite a bit these last fews weeks and not listening to my body. My back has been tighter than normal, I have not been sleeping very well, I’m a little stressed (worry), not hydrating enough and my nutrition has not been so fantastic at weekends. Possibly a little more alcohol than normal. I think if you mix that all together you could be asking for trouble……. Well I know all to well you will.

So what am I going to do about it. Rest, gentle movement, work on what is worrying me and put something in place to remove this/reduce it, try to get my sleeping pattern back on track, have nutritious foods through the week and try to reduce the alcohol and indulgent food over the weekend (Obviously not today, it’s my birthday don’t you know), hydrate more and LISTEN TO MY BODY. That is the one thing I have definitely not done, I knew it was coming but I kept going.

I know you maybe thinking that I should know better, I totally agree I do. I would never allow my clients to do what I do, I am watching over them and making sure they take good care of themselves. I am only accountable to myself and I have no one monitoring me or structuring my workouts. You know what they say when you do a job, you never apply it well enough to yourself, mechanics have cars with bits that do not work, builders own homes are half done, plumbers have leaky taps etc. I need to find someone to look after me as I look after my clients. I cannot afford to be injured and I need to put me first.

What to take away from my mindless actions:-

  1. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. If something does not feel right then stop and evaluate what you are doing.
  2. Warm up properly and mobilise – I was silly and skipped most of this – epic fail!
  3. Know your body and understand it. Know what works and does not, always err on the side of caution.
  4. If your body feels tight then stretch, flow through some gentle moves with yoga do not lift weights. Maybe go for a walk, get outside and take in fresh air.
  5. Try not to use exercise as a way to undo your food indulgences. Try not to overindulge in the first place. Nutrition is key to your wellbeing along with managing stress, sleep and activity. Work on why you overeat in  or choose not to nourish your body the first place.
  6. Get a professional to look after you, structure your workouts and help you with nutrition, sleep, stress, activity.
  7. You are not alone, get someone to look after your wellbeing, like me.

I was going to share the workout when I had completed it, unfortunately for me I have a video reminder of what happened, it does not make for very pleasant viewing so I won’t share it.

I hope my lesson has been learned but as history keeps repeating itself I fear not. For me I need to break this vicious cycle with exercise, learn to rest more and do more gentle exercise not always so vigorous.

I tell my clients to take care of themselves and when to rest and listen to their bodies, I need to do this for myself. Smacked hand for me.

Happy Monday, start the week well, this is not a set back for me just a lesson learned.

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