Are you lunch Savvy?

I was in town today shopping over lunchtime and I saw many people buying meal deals. £5 meal deal……… is it a deal when what you are buying is poor nutrition and chemical laden foods. It would save a lot more money and your health if you made your own lunch and brought it to work. £5 everyday is £25 a week, that’s £100 a month which can accumulate to over £1000 a year……. That’s a lot of money that could be best spent elsewhere.

To save money and your health why not make an extra portion of your dinner the night before and take that for lunch the next day or you can take a nice fresh homemade salad or soup.

Eating sandwiches or bread at lunchtime can often lead to bloating and tiredness. It is a very heavy food that is hard to break down, high in energy and can be high in chemicals and all sorts or nasties. Shop bought sandwiches have a lot more in than what it says on the front packet. Ever looked at the ingredients on a sandwich packet…….It is scary!!

You all know the pitfalls of crisps, fizzy drinks and cakes which are all on offer in a meal deal. For lunch you would be getting high calorie, nutrient empty, sugar rich and insulin/hormone disrupting foods. It is not pleasant and will only lead to weight gain, poor focus, poor skin, poor mental clarity, mood swings and whole host more of problems.

Junk or “brown food” is not something that you want in your daily diet, it is best to make your own lunch and choose from the rainbow colours of healthy food.

  1.  You can make delicious salads with all sorts of flavours, textures and colours. You will get a massive nutrient hit with only good calories and it is so much cheaper.
  2. Make a portion extra the night before so you can take it for lunch the next day. Meat or fish and vegetables, remember eat the rainbow.
  3. If you really must have bread, try to have it occasionally and choose freshly baked bread from your local baker, sourdough is a great option. Pita breads have the least amount of ingredients in. 
  4. Have rice cakes instead of bread.
  5. Make sure you have a protein source in your lunch – chicken, salmon, beef, feta, turkey, mackerel, tuna, lamb, egg, sardines etc.
  6. Homemade soup is quick and easy especially if you have a soup maker. Buy the ingredients chop them and chuck them in and it does the rest.

Choose lots of different salad combinations.

  1. Different bases like *spinach *kale *red lettuce *rocket *watercress *mustard leaves*chard *lamb’s lettuce *romaine.
  2. For taste you can add *lemon juice *lime juice *apple cider vinegar *seeds *crushed nuts *pomegranate *Seaweed *sun dried tomatoes *avocado *beetroot *himalayan salt *pepper *fresh basil *strawberries *Capers *olives *bacon *roasted vegetables *roasted tomatoes *pine nuts *crushed chillies *grated carrot *sweetcorn
  3. Make your own dressing with olive oil, avocado oil, walnut oil with balsamic vinegar or lemon or lime juice.  Always season with celtic/Himalayan salt & pepper.
  4. Add some protein in your salad – chicken, salmon, beef, feta, turkey, mackerel, tuna, lamb, egg, sardines etc

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